Blogmas Day17 | Coming Home for Christmas

So as Christmas comes closer it becomes the time for many students, and anyone else who is only temporarily living away from home, to head back to the family nest. It is a time of contradictions. Everyone missing being home but after a few days you begin to miss the independence that you previously had. […]

Blogmas Day 13 | Going Away For Christmas

This is something I’ve heard that people who tend not to have a big family do. Instead of staying at home they go on a holiday somewhere, normally to a place with better temperatures, and spend the Christmas season relaxing and enjoying themselves without the stress and hassle of celebrating the holiday with extended family. […]

Blogmas Day 10 | Favourite Christmas Memory

When I was thinking of things to write about during my blogmas this was one of the first things that popped into my head and I knew I needed to share it. One of my favourite Christmas memories is really strange and it probably is unlike many that you might have as yours. I can […]

Blogmas Day 8 | Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert

Okay, so I seem to have failed at this blogging malarkey over the past 4 days! I profusely apologise but I have had a busy weekend with little time in my flat and also feeling like I’m going to die with this insane cold that has come on! Hopefully I will be able to keep […]