Strikes, Churros and a week with Ryan

So I haven’t updated for a while, I apologise. It became a little difficult to write anything as Ryan has been with me over the past 7 days but now he is back in Germany and his part of the blog will be spoken about in due course. The first thing I want to speak […]

Spain, why are you so complicated?

So it’s Wednesday and I have officially worked for 3 days. I’m still not really sure what I am meant to be doing but this week is just me introducing myself to the classes I will be teaching. So far it’s going okay and everyone seems to ask the same questions over and over again. […]

A few days down and counting.

So as with my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to Madrid and it’s safe to say that I am now here! I honestly cannot believe it and I don’t think I will until I start working here properly. I’ve only been here for 3 days at the moment and I’m already […]

An Important Announcement

Hello again everyone! This isn’t what I wanted to talk about after the chronicles of my holiday to Tenerife but I believe that it is more urgent and needs to be addressed before my other mini break that I wanted to talk about. Last week, Tuesday 16th September, I received an email from the British […]