Blogmas Day 3 | What I Did For My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday as I think I may have mentioned in every single one of my blogmas posts now. I’m hoping it won’t become a recurring theme but I can also not confirm whether or not that will be the case at present! I didn’t do much during the actual day part of […]

Halloween and Bonfire Night

So the past week has been quite average, nothing exciting has really happened and it has been quite laid back. All week in the school I’ve been having to give presentations about Halloween and because there was always more time left over I added some extra info about Bonfire Night as well. It’s interesting that […]

Strikes, Churros and a week with Ryan

So I haven’t updated for a while, I apologise. It became a little difficult to write anything as Ryan has been with me over the past 7 days but now he is back in Germany and his part of the blog will be spoken about in due course. The first thing I want to speak […]

One Quick Meal – Eating in Spain

Hey everyone! One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a while (since I was in Salamanca!) was to do a quick post on one of the meals that I make most often in Spain. Unfortunately I only tend to make this in Spain because of the main ingredient that you can’t buy […]

Spain, why are you so complicated?

So it’s Wednesday and I have officially worked for 3 days. I’m still not really sure what I am meant to be doing but this week is just me introducing myself to the classes I will be teaching. So far it’s going okay and everyone seems to ask the same questions over and over again. […]

Tenerife Travels: Part 2

So I left off last time with the boat trip I went on and how I’d see things that I hadn’t seen before. Now this wasn’t the only time that this happened to me on this trip. The very next day we went to the Loro Parque which is on the other side of the […]

Tenerife Travels: Part 1

So as I mentioned before I went on holiday to Tenerife at the end of July/beginning of August this year. I’ve been there a few times before as it’s a favourite destination amongst my immediate family. However it had been 7 years since I had been back and I had been counting down the days […]