The Porto Diaries: Part 2 of ?!?!

At the end of the last entry we had just arrived at the airport. And we had over 10 hours to sit and wait beore our flight actually took of, and that was only if we set off on time. Because we had so long to wait we decided to crash in the same spot as we did when we were waiting or our light to Italy. It is a pretty good place to sit though when you realise how c lose it is to everything. Plus it meant that we could have more fun with the flight inormation boards again. Although, all the flights were the same as last time, which made it less fun.

Whilst we were saat looking at the flights we began to wonder how there could be 6 different flights leaving from the same terminal to go to the same destination at the same time. I suggested that perhaps they were teh same flight (despite the different companies) and that they just joined their passengers together in order to afford to run the flight. I didn’t find anything that could help me prove this conjecture but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Perhaps one day we will be able to solve the mystery.

Whilst in the airport I started writing the first part to my blog post and tried to access the free wifi in the airport, but I was having problems with the internet connection and it kept on cutting me off. IT still didn’t stop little Taryn from trying to skype call me though. It’s nice that she wants to talk to me all the time but sometimes it can be a little inconvenient, like when you’re in an airport. But because of the dodgy internet connection I decided to disconnect and just do my writing but I soon lost interest and began to do other things. Not long after that, Chrissie and I decided to make scoubies. If you don’t remember them it was the pieces of plastic thread that people used to twine together to make a pattern and most people tended to use the finished product as a key chain. I’d never made one of these before, as I could never figure out what I was doing but Chrissie showed me and I have now fully completed my irst ever one! It’s a proud achievement for me.

Although that took up a lot of my time (I’m not very good at it) we still had hours to go before we would even consider going through security. I just started to film silly little things in the airport, like the security announcements and Chrissie and I managed to time one perfectly.   I also decided to declare war on some guy who had decided to sit near us in the terminal. Apparently that’s what slep deprivation does to your mind. Luckily, it was just something silly and I didn’t do anything too drastic other than glare a little bit.

There was a moment however where I probably did overreact but I am definitely putting that down to sleep deprivation and my own problem with insects. I saw a moth flying around and laid as flat as possible against the floor until I could no longer see it flying around. I don’t even think it was that big but my mind was just not having any of it and I responded accordingly.

 I’m glad that not much else happened whilst I stayed in the airport. I did run up and down some travelators for a bit but then I ended up being really overly tired and not being able to stay awake. So I drifted off whilst actually laying on the floor of the airport with people walking around me. But then I decided to curl up over my suitcase to protect my things whilst I slept but all that did was give me a cramp in my neck and a pain in my side where I had had to hunch up over things. After I woke up we went through security and found our gate and I fell asleep on the really hard metal chairs. It was really disconcerting every time that I woke up though as there was a really strange programme being shown on the TV. I think it may have made more sense if I had know what they were saying but that’s a very slim chance.

What I found really strange was the fact that all the people in Spain queue up for the plane around 40 minutes before the intended boarding time. It’s a pain as it means that everyone starts to queue for the flight and you have to get in the queue pretty fast if you want to be able to get a seat with anyone else you are travelling with. We were able to sit together though so we didn’t have much of a problem wiith that.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren J x

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