Has blogging lost it’s way?

Has Blogging Lost Its Way title image. The text of the article title is overlaid on a picture of an orange tree in a courtyard in Salamanca. Photo taken by Lauren, owner of My Lavender Tinted World

It’s a simple enough question and I feel it’s something that has been on everyone’s thoughts recently. Has blogging lost it’s way? Is the blogging community still a thing? Are we slowly becoming more disillusioned with the whole concept? More and more frequently I’m seeing people talking about either working with their dream brand on […]

Trying American Sodas

Trying American Sodas title picture shows the can of Grape Fanta, Arizona Kiwi Strawberry and Jolly Rancher in Strawberry that were all tried. Give it a read to find out what I thought to each on My Lavender Tinted World

I recently found out about a new American sweet shop that opened up near me, and I couldn’t resist getting a handful of treats. The main thing that I bought, however, was a few different types of American Sodas. And yes, I do feel weird calling them sodas! The things I picked up were a […]