My October Objectives 2020

Let’s take a moment to mourn my inability to post in September. I get the feeling this happens every year so I might make it an unofficial holiday for my blog. Maybe if I can finally figure out how to bulk write posts it will change, but not today. It’s the start of October and with that come another of my objective posts. Specifically, my October objectives for 2020. And do I have some goals for you!

But first, a recap

How did I really get on with My September Objectives 2020? Was it really as bad as I think it’s going to be? Well, we already know that I did not manage to blog every week. The intention was there, and it was a task on my to-do list every day but it never made it into the important cut. I’m not sure what that says about my priorities… But I think I need to look into how I’m spending my time and try to drop the social media binges.

Unfortunately, I only went on 2 runs for the whole of September. Rather than the 2 a week I was hoping for. I think I’ve been suffering from burnout with trying to do everything. Unfortunately, it looks like running and blogging were two of the things that I ended up dropping back on. Do I think the burn out will continue? Potentially, as I know that I am trying to juggle a lot. I’m trying to be more intentional with how I spend my time so as to have time to rest and relax as well as push forward on my goals.

I was just shy of 4 books in September, but I’m going to take it as I almost finished the 4th book in time! And lastly, I didn’t plan out a new idea but I have doubled down on one I started in the Spring. I realised that the plot was a little light for what I had started writing and I wanted to delve a little deeper into that world. I’ve never really plotted before, so I’m in new and exciting territory. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will make the editing easier!

Now onto the October Objectives

I’m keeping these simple, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. I don’t want to set myself up for failure each month as it results in a lack of trying to achieve the thing.

1) Run Weekly

Yep, I still want to keep my running there. I am just being a little easier on myself. Some weeks I might be able to go 3 times, but I might struggle to fit in 1 run on others. It’s all about the balance. I am hoping I can manage it twice a week though. I still really want to hit a 10 minute mile before the end of the year.

2) Resolve Pacing Issues in Novella

I have been told that the pacing in my novella is off. To be honest, I don’t disagree. There is a particular piece of it which is out of sync with the rest of the story arc. I’ve been going through and mapping my themes and working out what’s missing. But I think I need to focus on the pacing. If I can get this fixed in October, I will be on my way to getting my version of developmental edits done.

3) Keep in touch with friends

I am a terrible person. Well, I’m not really. But I do feel like it sometimes. I have a tendency to drift from people. If someone sends me a message and I don’t reply for a while, I feel like like I can’t. It’s a weird form of social anxiety that I’ve not been able to get over. I really wanted to make one of my October objectives have an impact on my personal life, and I think this might be it. It might be a case of setting a reminder to contact people once a week, but I am hoping this will help to stop the feeling of dread at the unread messages.

4) Read 5 books

I’m feeling a little ambitious with this one. But optimistically ambitious? I know that I can get through this many books if I sit my butt down and read. Now to actually carve out the time to do it. I’d read before bed, but if I’m enjoying the book I won’t sleep. I struggled last month with the really good book I read.

5) Blog weekly

I mean, is it a objectives/goals post without this one? I have the ideas I want for the month, I just need to figure out bulk writing. One day, one day I will master the art of bulk writing and then I’ll never miss a month!

My October objectives are done. I feel like these are ones that are more likely to be achieved that not. It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to work towards something if you’re constantly missing the mark. So, I am hoping that by having these I will be able to achieve them. I think my weekly blogging is the one I want to achieve the most this month. If only to get me back in the habit of it.

What have you decided to set yourself for the month? Do you think it’s important to set monthly targets, or goals or is it something you give a miss?

Hasta la fuego

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