Has blogging lost it’s way?

Has Blogging Lost Its Way title image. The text of the article title is overlaid on a picture of an orange tree in a courtyard in Salamanca. Photo taken by Lauren, owner of My Lavender Tinted World

It’s a simple enough question and I feel it’s something that has been on everyone’s thoughts recently. Has blogging lost it’s way? Is the blogging community still a thing? Are we slowly becoming more disillusioned with the whole concept? More and more frequently I’m seeing people talking about either working with their dream brand on […]

Bloggeration Book Bloggers Event: The Goodies!

I couldn’t resist doing a full post on all the lovely little goodies that I received from this event back at the beginning of November. In the past I’ve found it difficult to give enough attention to all the little bits and bobs that are given out without making the post seem too long or bogged […]