Has blogging lost it’s way?

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It’s a simple enough question and I feel it’s something that has been on everyone’s thoughts recently. Has blogging lost it’s way? Is the blogging community still a thing? Are we slowly becoming more disillusioned with the whole concept? More and more frequently I’m seeing people talking about either working with their dream brand on a collaboration, one they’ve been hoping for since they’ve started. Or they are asking how they can boost their numbers so they can start pitching to brands.

Believe me, I get it. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to excel and prove thag your blog is where you want it to be? But is that what we’re getting at when we say blogging has lost its way? When I set up this blog 6 years ago, I didn’t have a clue what a collaboration was. Never mind that you would be able to work with different companies and brands. I set it up for the freedom of being able to write about what I wanted, without restrictions. This was my little corner of the internet, my lavender tinted world you could say. You didn’t need to have the most perfect flat lays or photography, and not every blog had an editorial look to it. But as the industry has become more commercialised I feel that it’s lost some of the creativity.

I’ve been feeling a little disillusioned with this recently. I was trying to put my finger on why I didn’t get the urge to blog like I used to. And I’ve realised it’s because the very essence to what blogging was 3 and half years ago is so very different. When I first rebranded this blog, there was a blog chat every night. If not 3 a night! People would set reminders to join in and catch up with some of their favourite people. But as time’s gone on the chats have emptied and the interactions seem more forced, at least to me. I admit when I got my full time job I struggled to join the chats, working till 7pm did not make for good blogging time. But now, 3 years later the schedules are barely recognisable.

Honestly, even the feeling of the community seems to have dissipated in the past few years. The amount of people who are now solely about themselves doing better is staggering. We’ve lost that excitement of seeing one of our faves post something and us instantly going to read it. Again, something I am a little guilty of. I no longer read blog posts like I used to. I try to give the links on twitter a little retweet every now and then, but I don’t sit and read them like I used. But I don’t read like I used to in general either!

I remember when blogging was about the joy of sharing your thoughts on something, rather than hoping it would get you a few extra likes and reads. Nowadays, the amount of people who are considering quitting blogging because they don’t have crazy high readership, or haven’t received any money from blogging in a few months is unreal. Nearly 6 years of doing this and my monthly views are still to hit 1000 a month. And don’t get me started on payment! But to me, these aren’t the most important things. I blog for the love of writing and sharing my thoughts. Although I wouldn’t complain if those two things happened!

Is there a cure to this malaise that is affecting our world and industry? Maybe. Perhaps when there are more people looking for true engagement rather than numbers. Or when the love of reading and sharing other people’s posts return we might see a change. But even then I’m not sure if the true disillusionment will have entirely passed for me. I do know, however, that I will be trying my best to make these slight changes myself. Maybe changing the way I interact in the blogging world will help it to become the place I am hoping for. I may even bring back my blog of the month!

Do you think that the blogging world has changed at all? Have you been blogging for a few years and seen how the community feel has changed? Let me know, it would be nice to know it’s not just me!

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