Trying American Sodas

Trying American Sodas title picture shows the can of Grape Fanta, Arizona Kiwi Strawberry and Jolly Rancher in Strawberry that were all tried. Give it a read to find out what I thought to each on My Lavender Tinted World

I recently found out about a new American sweet shop that opened up near me, and I couldn’t resist getting a handful of treats. The main thing that I bought, however, was a few different types of American Sodas. And yes, I do feel weird calling them sodas! The things I picked up were a Grape flavoured Fanta, a Strawberry flavoured Jolly Rancher and an Arizona Kiwi and Strawberry fruit cocktail. A nice mix I thought!

To make it as fair as possible, I left it a few days between each soda to so that I couldn’t cloud my judgement. Yes, I took this taste test very seriously. It may be the most serious I’ve ever taken a test! The first one I tried was the grape Fanta. I didn’t know how grapey to expect this drink to be. The only way I can describe it is with the Grape flavoured nerds. It tasted like a liquidised version of them. Although I enjoyed the flavour, I felt like there was something missing from this. I don’t know if it’s because of how sweet it was. But there was definitely something lacking. So I don’t know if this is something that I will try again or not.

The grape Fanta drink, showing the can with its purple colouring and the drink in a cup next to it.

The next of the American sodas that I tried was the Jolly Rancher drink. I have been told by my friend Becca that Americans don’t really drink these and it’s not something that you will usually come across. To be honest, it makes sense that companies would make some gimmicky products for overseas sales. But I do have to say that I really enjoyed this drink. The strawberry flavouring was everything that I could hope for form a drink! It reminded me of the way the liquid tastes when an ice pop melts. Yep, I did used to let the ice pops melt before I “ate” them.

Even though this is not a choice across the pond for a soda to drink, I think it could potentially become one of my favourites. But I may have to pace myself with it a little. I found that the syrup quantity was quite high, and it did become a little sickly. So perhaps I will make it more of a little treat for myself? But I can see me going and buying more of this when I’m next close to this shop.

A picture of the Jolly Rancher Strawberry soda in the Trying American Sodas blog post for My Lavender Tinted World

The final drink was the Arizona Kiwi Strawberry cocktail. I have to admit that I was looking forward to this one the most as strawberry and kiwi are one of my favourite mixes of flavours. Ever since the old school flip-pop lollipops did a dual flavour range and this was one. So my expectations of this were really high and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be let down. Honestly, I wasn’t. The flavours were really good, and although not as sweet as I could have hoped for it did work. Out of all three American sodas, this was also in the biggest sizing, which was a plus. Because it didn’t seem to be as sweet as the others it was much easier to drink.

I know that this wasn’t a huge selection of drinks to try from, but I feel glad that I picked up as many as I did. I’m not sure which one I would say was my favourite as I think that it would depend entirely on my mood. For example, in summer when it’s warm I think I would want a really cold strawberry Jolly Rancher. But I think normally I’d prefer the Arizona.

A picture of the Arizona Kiwi Strawberry fruit cocktail as part of the Trying American Sodas blog post. The picture shows the can with strawberries and kiwis along the bottom as well as some of the drink in the can.

If you’ve tried any of these, let me know what you thought. And also which one do you think would be your favourite?

Hasta la fuego

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