January Fitness Recap

My Lavender Tinted World's January Fitness Recap. The picture title shows January Fitness Recap overlaid on a backdrop of Belém in Portugal

I had a bit of a lapse with blogging through February, so my January fitness post is a little bit late. Sorry guys! I did however find that my January fitness my have been the best it has for so many months! I’ve never been one of those people who enjoys exercising but my 10K step challenge really helped me. Walking home from work did help me, and I found that it helped to reduce an inch or so from around my stomach.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do much else throughout January. Apart from the Giff Gaff money event that I went to.  I think my biggest shortfall so far in trying to change my mindset is that I don’t believe myself. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t trust myself to make the changes. And because I don’t have this trust, it makes it so much harder for me to actually make any sort of positive change. This means that, unfortunately, I haven’t seen the changes I wanted for my January fitness.

I think my biggest challenge that I will have to overcome is how I can learn to believe myself. This is something that I want to start working on. Hopefully, the more I work on it the more I will be able to make the changes that I need to. Also, I should be able to start seeing a difference in my day to day life. I think something I need to work on is the diet that I have. I’ve spent too much money and too much buying lunch from Greggs or Asda. I really need to make positive steps with my nutrition so that it is a well rounded change to my life. I don’t want this to be yo-yo sort of change. It has been half a year or so since I started documenting and I don’t think I’ve made much of a change.

I did want to cut my dependency on junk food in the past 6 months. But it doesn’t look like it’s turned out in quite the way that I wanted it to. I don’t feel as heavily dependent but I do need to stop equating food to being happy. It’s this change in mindset that I really want to work on. As soon as the mindset makes that shift I have a feeling that I won’t struggle half as much. To be honest, it has started in small ways. Todd and I have started making a lot more meals that we can eat at work for lunch. Baby steps but they are working.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that over the next few months I start to see some sort of improvement. It might be needed to help keep me on this fitness change! But let’s see what February’s recap will have in store for me!

Hasta la fuego

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