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Comedy night with Mecca Bingo sheffield overlaid on a picture of drinks tokens, food menus and a bingo card. Photo by Lauren My Lavender Tinted World

Over the past month or so I’ve been really lucky to be invited along to two events held at Mecca Bingo in Sheffield. The first was bonkers bingo! I’d seen a couple of other bloggers have invites to the same thing across the country and was a little in shock to be asked. I’m not a huge bingo fan, but I thought if it’s as daft as the press release says it is, I will have a blast. The second was a comedy night. I’ve never been to a comedy night before but I just might have to start doing so after this!

The bingo sheet used for the bonkers bingo event
I might not have a dabber but a green felt tip works just as well!

For both events I was able to take along a few guests, for the bonkers bingo I took my nan, my mum and my friend Alice. Unfortunately, for the comedy night my nan and mum were unavailable so it ended up just being my and Alice. But it was such a laugh, and reminded me that I need to get out of the house a lot more than I currently do!

I have to say that the bonkers bingo night was so much fun! It was so surreal and definitely not what you would expect from a bingo hall. My mum, a renowned-disliker of bingo, enjoyed it so much that she was curious about trying to get to another night like it! But I mean who wouldn’t want to chuck giant inflatable balls in the air, and borrow someone’s bra? It might have helped that she also won a bottle of Apple Sourz. Not something to turn your nose up at.

A picture of my mum with a bottle of Apple Sourz at the bonkers bingo event at Mecca Bingo in Sheffield
The Apple Sourz that my mum won, she is looking very pleased with it!

There was a bit of a mess up with the times, I think there were a couple of crossed wires somewhere along the way. But despite that, it was a really great night and the General Manager, Kim, was very attentive in making sure that we had a good night, and that we got the food we ordered! All in all, we all had a really good time and to be asked to come back for the comedy night was not something I was going to pass up.

The comedy night took place on a more sociable night of a Friday. But as it happened, only Alice could make it for the event. It was a bit of a shame as we’d had such a great time as the four of us, but I knew that me and Alice would have a blast anyway! To be honest, it was definitely one of the best nights that I have had in a long while. And like I said earlier, I am now a lot more tempted to head to more comedy nights in future.

One thing I definitely need to mention though, more from how Alice responded to it more than anything, is about the staff member who tried to steal my chips. Okay, that’s a very clickbait sort of comment but hear me out! I’m happily tucking into a cheeseburger and chips, you’ve had a lot of bread so you get a drink. Normal right? Wouldn’t expect someone to try and take your plate? Okay, so the plate was nearly empty but I kinda grabbed it back from him, in a kind of territorial way. Alice found it hilarious, and the poor guy looked a bit taken aback by it. But, I wanted my chips. I was still hungry! He did ask the next time he came round though!

The burger and chips that I ate at the comedy night at Mecca bingo. There was grated cheese, slices of red onion, tomatoes, and some lettuce
Honestly, this is one of the nicest things I’ve eaten!

I had thought that there would be a couple of games of bingo before the comedy started. But instead there was a quiz. I was getting drinks when someone asked Alice for the team name so she panicked and called us “Chicken Nuggets”… I mean, I don’t think anyone else would have picked it. But it may not have been my first choice of name. Spoiler alert, we didn’t win the quiz. I’m not sure we even came close to be honest! There was a quotes round, picture round and general questions? I think, I’m so rubbish at remembering. It’s a shame my nan and mum weren’t there as I think we’d have stood a better chance with them! But we still had fun making up answers!

Soon it was time for the comedy night to begin in earnest! The first act up was Tony Cowards, he was an alright act but some of the jokes reminded me of my mum! They seemed to be more along the lines of one liner type jokes, and puns that kinda made me cringe but also found funny. I do find these sort of jokes funny, but they can be a bit much if they are the only type of joke that you’re listening to. I’m not sure if I would be able to sit through a full set of his as the main comedian.

The main act of the night was Vikki Stone, a singer/songwriter who has tried her luck with comedy. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something so funny in my life. If you love songs declaring your love for TV presenters, and films then Vikki is the comedian for you. I’m not sure if this type of composition is usual from a RADA student but I approve. I’m not sure if her song pitching to Sony is real. But I love the idea that someone tried to impress Sony Music with the Jurassic Park theme. The additional dinosaur noises may have also increased the comedy value!

All in all, the night was amazing. The food was great again. And the company was also really good! The only downside was the table of loud, annoying women behind us who constantly chattered through the first act. Despite the host reminding people to remain quiet through the acts. Honestly, the rudeness of some people knows no bounds! Even with this mild annoyance, I still really enjoyed myself and thought the staff were really helpful and friendly! Although not a fan of normal bingo, I will look out for more events from these in future!

Hasta la fuego

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Disclaimer: Mecca Bingo invited me to these events for free. However, all thoughts and opinions of the activities are my own.

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  1. I had a FANTASTIC night!!! I nearly died laughing at the look one your face when he tried to take your plate! Note to self: NEVER take Lauren’s chips! I can’t wait for next weekend with you too xxx

    Alice | Dainty Alice

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