5 Tips for Moving In with your Other Half

My top 5 tips for moving in with your other half

This year saw me take a plunge and move in with my other half. I’d been asked by him around a year before (slow and steady has nothing on us), but it wasn’t until this spring that it went ahead. There were a few stressful weeks, so to make sure you don’t repeat any of my mistakes. Here are 5 tips for moving in with your other half.

My Top 5 Tips for Moving In with your Other Half

1) Pack in Advance

This may seem like a bit of a redundant tip, but believe me it is the most important! The main reason I’m including this, however, is because of the sheer volume of items that I possess. I thought that I’d packed everything up and that there wouldn’t be much to do when it came to the moving day. Boy was I wrong! It is good to make sure that you know how much stuff that you actually own, clothes, books, bric-a-brac. If you don’t really have a full idea, you’re going to be rushing around like me.

2) Arrange Your Monthly Bills and Payments

This was a little easier for me. I moved in with Todd, and we didn’t move to a new address. What that meant for me was working out how much the bills were each month and paying half of these to Todd. However, we have spoken about this and when we move into a new place we’ll be looking at getting a joint account for bills to come out of. That way we can make sure the money is there and then whatever we have left over is our own.

The previous living space. This shows two images, one on top of the other of my old bedroom. This has a chest of drawers overpiled with items, and a bed covered in packing boxes.

The way that it’s working now, is good for now. All I have to worry about is making sure I transfer the money over on 1st each month. But I don’t like that I don’t know the exact price of things? It’s something I’ll be able to cope with, but it annoys me in a way that I can’t add it to my spreadsheets!

3) Try to Arrange Meal Planning and Shopping

This isn’t something we’ve really needed to speak about. Before moving in together, I practically lived with Todd anyway. It’s kinda worked that he buys the main bulk of food on weekend and then I pick up all the bits and bobs throughout the week that we haven’t thought of. Or that we’ve run out of. Sometimes I will go and buy the big bulk of shopping and some of the bits throughout the week but that’s not how it’s fallen.

The one thing that we need to work on is planning out meals, we tend to go shopping and just buy anything. This has meant that food has been wasted, which does annoy me a little. However, I have started trying to make little shopping lists and ask what food we want on which day. So far it has meant that we aren’t buying more than we need, and we’ve not had to throw any food out that we didn’t get the chance to eat.

4) Agree Where to Keep Your Things

I’m not sure if this necessary a top 5 tip for moving in with your other half, especially if you are both finding somewhere new to live. But if like me, you are moving in with them, then you’ll need to make sure that your things fit.

I will hold my hands up and say that I have a lot of stuff, I am pretty much a low-key hoarder. I struggle to get rid of things, but I think I did pretty well before this move. I’m still struggling to fit all my things in the house. There’ very little loft/attic space, and we’re in a two bedroom house. If you want to make sure there are no issues with getting all of your things in the building, talking it through and arranging it beforehand may be your best bet.

A decorative image of hte Effici Planner Diary spread to show the importance of p[lanning when moving in with your other half.
5) Remember Why You’re Doing This

I’m not going to lie, moving house is a stressful time. Especially if you end up doing it on some of the warmest days of year (another tip, try moving in winter!). But there’s a reason why you’re opting to move in with your significant other. It’s important to remember that when you’re trying to carry the wardrobe upstairs, or you’re struggling to find room to unpack everything.

There were my 5 tips for moving in with your other half. They might seem a little obvious at times. But it’s important to go through the moving process without letting the stress get to you.

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