Blogmas Day 10 | Favourite Christmas Memory

When I was thinking of things to write about during my blogmas this was one of the first things that popped into my head and I knew I needed to share it. One of my favourite Christmas memories is really strange and it probably is unlike many that you might have as yours.

I can never really remember what age I was exactly but I must have been either 5 or 6 because of the way I remember the house being laid out and also the gifts that I received that year. It was a normal Christmas really. My mum, my sister and I had gone to my nan’s house for Christmas day and also boxing day to spend time with my closest family members. It was a good couple of days. But what I remember vividly was on Boxing Day.

My mum, nan, sister and I had gone back to my house and the first thing I remember is smiling as I got inside as my old house was really, really, really warm! (We had no control over the temperature which was great for the winter but not so great for the summer!) My sister, Tasha, was playing with some of the toys we’d received in the living room and I remember going to join her. She’d gotten this stable set from our auntie and it came with two horses so she kindly let me have one and we were making the barbies have riding lessons and take part in competitions. It was a nice happy relaxed evening so you’re probably wondering why it has stuck with me for so long.

Well, my mum and nan had the TV on and were watching all the Christmas films and programmes on BBC 1 and in between one show I saw, for the very first time, a trailer for Jurassic Park. It was going to be aired on the channel at some point either that night or the following night. I remember being a little scared but also intrigued. And I really wanted to watch it! My mum recorded it on a VHS tape and I know that I watched it quite a few times whilst I was younger. But I will never forget that first moment. And now, for me, I think of Jurassic Park as a film to watch at Christmas time and I can’t wait to do so again when I head back to the UK for the Christmas holidays.

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Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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