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As most people will know I am a huge book lover and reader! I can often be found buying books with money I don’t have because I have an insatiable urge to read as many things as I possibly can. But books are becoming more expensive and my habit is becoming more detrimental to my poor, sickly bank account. I know I could use a library, but I love being able to see my collection grow. To see all the different genres that I’ve read or are going to read. Also, I have no idea how libraries work in Spain and I prefer to read in English though I do read in Spanish when I want to!

my lavender tinted world, kindle, lifestyle, book blogger, blogger, reading, books,I’d like to take this moment to say that I do love real books! I love being able to turn a page and feel the weight of all the words and thoughts in my hands but unfortunately for an international jet-setter like myself (haha I wish that I had the money to use this title without irony!) it’s not really practical! This week alone I have read 4 books! Well 3 and a bit as I started the other one a week or two ago. And I’ve read 11 books since January! If I wanted to read this much without my kindle I don’t think I would have been able to bring any clothes with me to Spain!

I’ve read a lot of arguments about ereaders in the past few years, with a lot of people complaining that reading on something electronic being bad for your eyes because of back lights. I can understand their point if they are talking about a computer or a phone or a tablet, but most ereader screens are designed so that it looks like you are reading from paper so as not to damage your eyes. Also, I don’t think companies would want to risk anyone suing them for damaging their eyesight because we all know that someone would try and do it.

my lavender tinted world, kindle, lifestyle, book blogger, books, reading, blogger, writer, reader, I’ve also heard the arguments that companies like Amazon are ruining the livelihoods of independent authors. But I don’t really understand how. Granted I’ve not looked into it too much, but I have looked into it and if you independently sell your book through kindle then you take 60 or 70% of the profits. Which is a lot more than what happens when you go through a publishing house. Obviously you don’t get as much security going through it on your own, and you have to find all your own editors and artists but it also gives you the chance to market yourself to people who wouldn’t have otherwise bought your book.

I love my kindle because the prices for books are cheap! And that’s a good thing for a student who wants to read but can’t afford to spend £10 on every book. I have bought so many books that I wouldn’t have bothered with if they were in paperback form because of the price. I always feel a little weird saying that I prefer buying books on kindle because of the price because I feel like I’m being cheap. But at the same time I spent over £40 on books during the Christmas period because of some great deals.

This is not to say that I don’t love physical books because I don’t! I love the smell and feel of new books. When you know that you are the first person to read the words in that and the pages are still smooth, but I also love buying an old book from a second-hand shop or from a charity shop. You can feel the history in between those yellowing pages and you know that this book has been enjoyed by other people. Sometimes these books will come with writing in the front, either an inscription or just a name and I find that fascinating. I know that you can’t do that with ebooks, they are more cold and distance than their paper counterparts but they allow so many more people access to books that would otherwise be neglected? The fact I can read most of the classics for free as allowed me to get my hands on the stories that I’ve interested me but I’ve never been able to find in a store.

Whilst I was trying to write this I asked Ryan some his thoughts on the draft as I felt like the text was floundering a little and what he had to say was pretty impressive so I thought that I’d add it in as a quote so as not to fully ruin the beauty of the metaphor/simile.

” So perhaps one can draw a middle-ground and say kindles are great for they allow people in a poorer situation access to knowledge and distraction from everyday problems and worries, and that books are now becoming like the Christmas china. Beautiful to behold and thumb but you can’t use your silver cutlery on the tube to eat your pack lunch.” – Ryan

 Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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