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I feel like I should only post these at the end of the following month as I don’t seem to be doing too well with posting them in advance…. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my May Favourites post will be out a lot earlier than the past two! I definitely feel like I’ve gotten myself back on track with my blog, April was such a bad month for me, not sure why but I just couldn’t seem to find the energy to blog or film really. But after the next couple of weeks I will have as much time as I want to! Anyway, I digress. I hope you’re looking forward to seeing what I was enjoying in April!


I’ve chosen The Princess and The Fool by Paul Neafcy (here‘s his twitter for anyone interested). I read this at the beginning of April but I knew it was going to be a favourite of mine as soon as I’d read the first few pages(percentage). A fantasy book based on certain stereotypical tropes: a princess in need of help; a dashing prince (king) to save said princess; and your customary monsters and creepy creatures. However the reason this made my favourites list was because of the refreshing narrative. It is written in an informal, chatty way which, for me, made a deeper connection with the characters. I liked that the characters felt like real people, and they didn’t exactly fall into their stereotypical archetypes either! With giving away too much, not everything is as it seems in this book and it definitely keeps you on your toes!

TV Programme

I started watching Arrow around the end of last year and since then I have been hooked! I binged watched my way through the first two and half seasons and then had to watch at the normal pace like everyone else! The reason I chose it for the April Favourites is because I enjoyed the way that the story was being taken. To be honest at the winter finale in December I was finding the story line a little repetitive, but then how many times can you watch the same thing happen over and over again without any change. The introduction of the league as a big threat helped to bring a new edge to the show and I’m glad that I decided to watch it! 


For me the only choice “this” month was Lush’s Vanilla body moisturiser. I got this as part of a gift box as my Christmas present from Ryan but I’d not used it until now after I got my tattoo, and I have to say I’ve been really happy with it. I used it initially because I was told that I needed a neutral moisturiser so as not to affect the colouring of the ink and what better company products to use than Lush? To be honest, when I fist opened the bottle I fell in love with it as the sweet scent of Vanilla is something that I love! But it’s incredible moisturising powers have also ensured that this is one of my favourites for the month of April! Since I started using this moisturiser I have noticed a difference with how my skin has been feeling and also the weird dry patch on my elbow has bees been feeling a lot better as well. Although it hasn’t been able to stop me from resting my elbow on everything! But I suppose I can’t ask for miracles?! As it was from a gift box and a present I don’t know how much my bottle costs but I think anything from Lush is worth the money, so if you like vanilla smells then I recommend it!


I was struggling over who to choose for this month as I’ve not had much time to read any blogs for a long time with all my work and then it hit me who I always read and whose posts I really enjoy! My friend Nathalie who blogs over here! She only started a few months ago but I really love how she writes and what she talks about. She focuses on what’s important to her and what she wants to talk about which is always nice. Plus it’s a good way for me to keep up to date with her life!

So those are what I was liking for April! 

Hasta la fuego
Lauren 🙂 x

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  1. Lush are one of my favourite brands, but I haven't seen the Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion over here in Australia! Sounds lovely! 🙂

  2. I spoke to someone about the shipping of products and they said that they only tend to send them to other countries if they are proven to be popular enough in England (and the UK in general) as it means they can get more ingredients and afford to send them across the world! I hope that it goes to Australia soon for you! 🙂 x

  3. Oohhh! I really like the sound of that book actually! I'll have to see if I can get a hold of a copy.
    Also been looking for a new series to watch and didn't know whether to try Arrow or Outlander…might give them both a go.

    Danielle xo

  4. You should do it, I know you can get it on kindle on Amazon but not sure if there is a physical version of the book anyway! Well I definitely recommend Arrow. It has been a good series to watch. I was thinking of watching Outlander as well so I might give that a go over the summer 🙂

    Lauren 🙂 x

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