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So it seems to be a habit of mine to rush whenever I am going somewhere, and this morning was definitely not an exception to that rule. Although after having to run on a somewhat sprained ankle I may be making more of an effort to change this. I don’t enjoy being late but I also don’t seem to be able to change this behavioural pattern. I even have to lie to myself about what time I need to leave so I don’t end up running late. It didn’t help this morning that I didn’t even have an idea of what I wanted to wear! After an innocuous comment on twitter about my tardis dress I decided the quirky geek look was the way forward. Paired with grey cotton shoes and a dark grey hoodie, I felt ready to go. Comfort over style has always been my preferred way to dress and also why a fashion blogger I am not.
My train got into Liverpool at 11:30 exactly which confused me as I’ve never been on such a precise train! I met up with Tasmin in the train station as her train got in at the same time and neither of us was really sure where the event was being held. We didn’t need to worry tough as Dough Liverpool is literally straight across from Lime Street Station. If you leave via the taxi rank you can see the sign straight away. It was the nicest little venue I have had the pleasure to see with all its retro video arcade games and quaint furniture.
The event itself was really relaxed and more of a get together of bloggers to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. I really did enjoy myself and it was lovely to catch up with Becky, Lydia and Tasmin again (girls we definitely need to organise a coffee date or something in Manchester! And for anyone else if you want.) I liked the relaxed atmosphere and you could tell that everyone was enjoying it as well. I’m glad I was able to chat to some of the people I only managed to say hello to at the last event. It was also lovely to meet Lily for the first time after having spoken to her online for such a long time.
Sammy did such a good job of checking to make sure that everyone was okay and letting them know where all the stuff was for us to look at. We were all given a pair of sunglasses from “tag-on” but as there were a few styles we got to choose which one we wanted. Luckily I know that round glasses don’t suit me so went for a classic style but one which I think works quite well. On arrival we were all given an envelope with the chance to win a prize. Inside was a sheet of paper saying if you had won or not. I won! There were a few different companies which had given prizes and mine was the last 3 editions of the Blogosphere magazine. I was pretty happy with that as I think it is such a good publication and I was missing these ones from my collection. But I am definitely glad that I brought my rucksack with me to carry things home!
As this event was held over the lunch hours it would have been rude not to grab something to eat. I didn’t want something too big and stuff myself as I knew that I would be having a pretty big tea later on. So I opted for sweet potato fries covered in chili and cheese. Honestly, what more could I have wanted? I did have to wait a few minutes to start eating it as it was really warm and I did burn my finger on the edge of the bowl. It was so nice, and there was so much cheese I could have died of happiness! I think it was the perfect amount of food if you are just wanting something to keep you going but without feeling too bloated.
After everyone had eaten the raffle was drawn. I didn’t win anything unfortunately but all of the raffle tickets were sold which is such an impressive feat, and also the reason why some people were unlucky. I think if I had won I’d have wanted one of the t-shirts, I may be a little obsessed with t-shirts. I may need an intervention at some point….
I had a really good time and I’m always happy to head to the Liverpool events as the bloggers in this part of the world are friendly and welcoming, it’s always a pleasure to go back. I’m already excited for the next Christmas themed one, and not just because it’s the day after my birthday. And I promise to take actual pictures of the venue next time…..
Hasta la fuego

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