Party Hard Train Harder! 10K Step Challenge

Party Hard Train Harder 10,000 step challenge title image in association with Teenage Cancer Trust

As I’m want to do after work, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a challenge. A challenge organised by the Teenage Cancer Trust. 10,000 steps every day throughout January! For some people that doesn’t seem like an awfully difficult task. But for someone who barely manages 4,000 on an average day I thought it would be something I could aim to do! Party hard train harder is the name of the challenge with the idea being that you enjoy yourself as normal throughout December, but in January you knuckle down! I wasn’t going to go crazy in December anyway, I have calmed down a little. But if I know I am using January to go more extreme than usual then I have less to worry about!

I know that it might not seem like a lot, but my plan so far is walk home from work every day to ensure I hit my step goal. This means my usual 15 minute drive will turn into nearly an hour and half of walking. But I believe that it will be worth it. Teenage Cancer Trust help to provide support to young people who suffer from cancer, and give the support they need. You can read more about what they do here.

So, how have I partied hard this December? It kicked off at the beginning of December with my birthday. I may have had a nice relaxing weekend away. But I definitely indulged too much! There was Bailey’s and Champagne as well as profiteroles and sweets! I really enjoyed the weekend but I think I definitely ate more than I do normally. Not always a bad thing, but when you start to feel bloated it may be time to stop! Next came the work Christmas party, there was too much alcohol and so much food it was obscene. I now know that drunk Lauren eats far quicker than sober Lauren, and she eats quick! The amount I drank was less than usual, but at such a quick pace I was drunk in no time! Much against my decision to not drink too much this year!

The next indulgent moment in December was Christmas! I don’t know what it is about the festive day itself but everyone seems to think they can eat 4 times as much as normal. We know that none of us can manage it, but the idea of Christmas spurs us on to the point that we’ve had multiple servings of roast dinner and dessert. But hey it’s Christmas, the portion sizes don’t count at this time of year!

Now life is getting back to normal and the Party Hard Train Harder challenge can start to begin! Although the 1st January is a bank holiday and I won’t be able to walk home from work. I am convincing Todd that we need to go on a long walk that day to make sure that I get all the steps that I need!

If you want to donate or keep up to date then head over to my just giving page here!

Hasta la fuego

The blogmas/Christmas edition of the signature for My Lavender Tinted World. The signature says Lauren smiley face x in a dark green font. There is a ribbon underneath it was christmas bells above the "x" and a Christmas hat on the "L"

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