Top 5 Ways To Survive the British Heatwave

What are your top 5 ways to survive the current British heatwave

The restless nights and scorching days are not something that we Brits are able to deal with easily. We always say we want to move to a warmer country but we are ill-equipped to deal with the climate change. So as the first week of the British Heatwave starts to close, I bring you my top 10 ways on how to survive it!

1) Run to your local supermarket and buy a disposal BBQ.

We all know that there isn’t time to cook properly in this heat so you need that true traditional summer kit of the disposable BBQ. It’s even better if you head to your local park and set up there with all the other families in the area. Nothing beats a BBQ’d meal on a scorching summer’s day!

2) Camp out in the fridge section of the supermarket.

I’ve seen you, idling around the cheese and yoghurts when it’s boiling outside. And who wouldn’t want to? When the temperature is reaching 30°C sometimes you have to take drastic measures to stay cold.

3) Drink cold, fruity, maybe alcoholic drinks outside.

For those of you that don’t drink alcohol, grab yourself a fruity mocktail or anything that is half ice! For the rest, you know that nothing quite beats a pre-mixed cocktail, a cheeky glass of wine, a cider or a beer in this weather. But you will need to be quick as everyone else will have had the same idea as you!

4) Await the calling sound of the ice cream van.

We all know the noise. And there is nothing sweeter in a British heatwave than a 99 with a flake from the ice cream van. We may not be 5 or 6 any more but when he hear that familiar jingle we will be running with the kids to get an ice cream before it goes. (But let’s not talk about the extortionate prices they now charge!)

5) Buy the biggest rotating fan you possibly can!

It was only a few short months ago that we were all wrapped up in blankets and duvets. But now we find ourselves scrambling to find a fan to keep us cool. It is far too warm to get a decent night’s sleep at the moment. What better option do we have then to buy the biggest fan possible? For a heatwave of this magnitude, you will need one that is at least the same size of the average person. Perfect oscillation and no need to worry about sleeping on top of the duvet and the monsters grabbing your feet!

This was a little bit of a tongue in cheek post about the current British heatwave. But I hope it made the heat a little more bearable.

Hasta la fuego

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