The Room Search Difficulties

I found out last week that I wouldn’t be receiving accommodation in the halls of residence in Lille. It was a bit disheartening as I knew that it would be difficult to find somewhere in private accommodation. I wasn’t looking forward to my room search. And so far, my thoughts have proved to be right. I’ve managed to find a few places  but it seems that French people don’t like to reply all that quickly. Either that or they just don’t want me to live with them.

On the plus side, I have found a few places that look decent but again I have had no reply from them. Although, I have had a reply from some lovely guy who decide to write me something that seemed like poetry at the end  of the message. I’m not sure if it’s as creepy in French as it is in English but now I’m not sure if I want to live there. Also, I’m not sure whether or not I should reply to another place that I have found, but I suppose that every offer I get can only help me.

One thing I have noticed whilst trying to send e-mails and messages to people is that it doesn’t matter how many times you have write an essay in French, or any other language for that matter, you still won’t feel prepared to actually contact people as you don’t know the language fluently. I’ve tried not to let it worry me too much and instead I am hoping to learn from it! After all, it is the first time in years that I have had the chance to speak and write to people who are natives of French. I think that my ability is slowly improving but seeing as it wasn’t that great last week I don’t think it’s much of an improvement.

I realised yesterday that it’s only a month and half till I actually leave for France. It seemed so far off, and this has worried me! Now I have to work even harder to be able to do everything that I want to before I go away! Including a new hair style but hopefully that will be done in a week and half’s time. I’m looking forward to having a new look. But I’m not really sure what I want at the moment, apart from all the bleach cutting out!

I’m hoping that I will have found somewhere to live by the end of the week. I really want to know for sure that I won’t just be living on the streets for a few weeks. And I’m sure my mum would be a lot happier with knowing that I can live somewhere nice that isn’t going to be too ridiculously expensive. But I don’t think I should be expecting miracles.

I shall keep you informed on any sudden revelations,

L x

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