And so the search continues…

Around two and a half weeks of looking for a room in France and I’m still going to be homeless in a month’s time. If I can’t find anything soon. So I find that my search continues for somewhere to live! However, I have been getting more interest from people since I’ve been able to tell them a date that I can come and visit the house and have a look around. So far, I have around 4 or 5 houses to look at and I’ve not had replies from everyone yet. One of the houses that I am getting the chance to look at is the house that I really want to live in! I may only just be able to make a viewing of it but I will stop at nothing to try and get my name on contract for there.

It’s a bit far from the university but the rent is quite reasonable and I just love the pictures that have been put up for it. The people who are sorting it out are renting to students for the first time so we will be the first people in the building, and that kinda excites me. They are only looking for one person to stay for one term at a time so I’m a little anxious that I won’t get it! But I am remaining optimistic.

Unfortunately for me, this sojourn to France comes two days after I get back from my family holiday in Cornwall. Wooo, for too much travelling and very little sleep! I’m hoping that I will be able to sign a contract or secure a room with a deposit during my two days out there and then it will be one more thing for me to tick off of my “to do list”. A positive to the trip is that I get to spend two days with my mum. She’s never been to France before so it will be an exciting trip for both of us (plus, we are going to stop off in Paris for a few hours before we have to carry on our journey home!)

If possible, I hope that the two days will also give me a feel to the city so that I can find my way around it easy enough when I arrive in September. Well, I suppose I will be doing quite a lot of travelling in it and I should become overly familiar with how the metro system works as well. However, I will not be looking forward to using it to travel with when I move in as I will not want to drag a suitcase around it. I may have to get a taxi when the time comes, just so I know that my things are safe and secure.

Hopefully, I will be able to tell people some good news in a couple of weeks 😀

L x

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