The Life of a Jet-setter

Okay, so I’m not really a jet-setter (although at times I wish I was) but it does seem like I have become one in the past month. I’ve barely done anything but travel. I’m not complaining as it has been a really fun experience but I do feel a little drained from it now that I can sit back and relax.

At the end of July I went to Cornwall with my family for a week. It was a really nice trip and I hadn’t been on a holiday with my mum for a while so it made a change from staying home for a week and freaking myself out from the weird noises that come from my house. We were really lucky that week as it was the warmest and nicest week we had had all summer. It was so warm I managed to burn twice in the space of 4 days! I think I will need to make sure that I pack sun tan lotion for my year abroad, especially my summer in Spain.

It was a really nice relaxing week with a lot of early mornings! However, it did mean that we got to do more things in the day. I can’t believe how much walking we actually did, although that’s what happens when you park the car about 20 minutes away from the beach. We managed to find a zoo in Newquay that we went to as a late birthday present for Taryn. It was an alright zoo but the animals looked slightly cramped, like there wasn’t enough room for them. However, they did have animals that I’d never heard of before like a Fishing Cat. It was really cute and took us all day to see it but it was definitely worth the wait. Also, I saw a sloth like next to me. There was a tropical hut and in a tree, in line with the second storey walkway, there was a sloth sat being a sloth. It was a bit strange to see one not in a cage, if it had been closer you could have probably touched it.

We also did the usual of visiting an aquarium. It’s not too bad but you do occasionally see all the same things that you’ve seen multiple times before. However I did get to see Caimans, it’s not often you see crocodiles/alligators in zoos or aquariums in England. My step-dad ran away from though as he has an overly irrational fear of them, it’s quite funny to see a grown man run away from an exhibit in an aquarium.

However, the jet-setter part of my month didn’t kick in until after I got back from Cornwall. I came home on the Saturday and on the Monday (at 6:15) I had to catch a plane to France so that I could look at some houses and find somewhere to live. Unfortunately, we woke up late and had a mad dash to Manchester airport and my mum and I were lucky to make it onto the flight. We spent two days in Lille and now I feel like I will be able to make my way around the place quite well for when I’m there in September. I’m not sure if I’ve actually managed to find somewhere to live yet but I’m hoping that I have and that I won’t have to worry about it for much longer.

After I came home, I had a few days of relaxing at home and spending time with my family and then my boyfriend turned up with a surprise for me. He had me a train ticket to Manchester airport for the next day. And when I got there I found out I was being taken to Paris for the week! It is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me and I spent a week travelling around the French capital and doing all the touristy things, although I did manage to sneak a day in to go to Disneyland! It was really nice to be able to travel around and go somewhere that I’d never been before. Plus, it has now made me even more excited for my birthday!

Lauren x

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