When Will The Nightmare End?!

I officially have 8 days to finish my dissertation for it’s final version and I have 8 books to read. I’m not feeling very optimistic about this venture right about now. I want to have it finished for Sunday but with the amount of work I have currently I will be lucky to get it done in time. I feel so useless that I haven’t been able to finish it properly yet. I had such high hopes for myself whilst I was in my second year, I wasn’t going to let the dissertation get on top of me and then stress me out. But lo and behold it has done! 

It seems that no matter how much work I try and put into my studies I just can’t seem to get enough done. For the paste week or so all I’ve done is read up on more sources for my dissertation but the pile of books keeps growing instead of shrinking. At least no one will be able to say that I haven’t put the effort and research into my dissertation but it is starting to look likely that I will be pulling an all nighter at some point soon just make sure it is done fully. It really doesn’t help that I have two presentations to prepare and give in the next two weeks as well. You know that saying about buses? Well I’m starting to feel that’s what 4th year assessments are like. 
I knew this year would be tough but the last few weeks have been worse than what I would have ever thought possible. I’m just glad that I didn’t find a part time job this year as I don’t think I would have been able to cope with one as well as. I know that makes it sound like I can’t organise my time but in actual fact it’s just unfortunate that the easiest jobs for students to find are in nightclubs and bars. The lack of sleep really isn’t conducive for a full day of work in university. I know, I tried it in my second year and due to me not getting into bed until 5am most nights I didn’t have the necessary amount of sleep to be able to get to lectures or do extra work outside of what I needed to. 
This is the most important year of my university career and I really don’t want it to be effected by any external influences, having said that I’m not going to lock myself away like some sort of recluse. I know it’s important to let your hair down occasionally but not so as to miss lectures and forget about important homework. 
Hasta la fuego
Lauren 🙂 x

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