Doctor Who “Listen” Review

Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 4 “Listen” was broadcast on 13th September 2014. This episode has been one of the better episodes of the season so far as it gave more of an insight into the new Doctor’s mind and perhaps why all the Doctors have behaved in the way that they do. However, I still can’t escape from the niggling sense that Steven Moffat could have done more his idea.

The premise that there is a creature that is hiding under your bed, waiting to grab a hold of your leg as you stand up, or just of sight is terrifying and when the episode started I thought that this Doctor Who creation would be along the lines of the weeping angels. But, alas, that was not the case. The entire episode was devoted to finding out what these creatures were and at the end of the universe when no one else was left alive, except a strange reincarnation of Danny Pink, we were supposed to find out what these creatures. Unfortunately, in true Moffat style, he ran away from the encounter and instead told us that Clara had first grabbed someone’s leg from underneath the bed. And although it was not said it was very obvious that it was the Doctor as a child and that is what caused his obsession with it in the episode.

This is where the problems start in my opinion. Why would it have become a “universally” accepted state that everyone is scared of this because it happened to one person once? I know that when someone has a bad experience and tells other people that a fear of the same happening to them grows. But how would an entire universe feel like that? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only issue that I had with this episode.

As soon as the Doctor tells Clara of his plan to find out what it is that is actually hiding under our behinds or just out of sight we are transported to the home of young Danny Pink. Clara sees him standing by his bedroom and walks through the home to get to him. Whilst in the room he says that he believes there is something under the bed so Clara decides to show him that he is wrong by climbing under the bed herself and then letting Danny join her. However, when they are both under the bed someone or something climbs onto the bed and causes it to dip. When they have both removed themselves from under the bed and stand up there is something hiding under the cover on the bed. The Doctor tells them that that is the creature but you shouldn’t look at it as they don’t like to be noticed.

And this is the last we ever see of this creature and by the end of the episode we are led to believe that there isn’t really anything there and it’s just a irrational fear. But if this was the case then why did they go to the bother of creating this creature in the first place? I was severely disappointed and annoyed that they tried to brush off the thing in the room as nothing. When it was first shown I believed that would be the important factor of the episode but apparently it was just there for no reason other than to try and progress the story a little more.

Overall, the episode was disappointing in it’s lack of consistency and I am hoping that the plots become better so as to fully utilise the ability of Peter Capaldi, who has done a wonderful job so far.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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