A few days down and counting.

So as with my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to Madrid and it’s safe to say that I am now here! I honestly cannot believe it and I don’t think I will until I start working here properly. I’ve only been here for 3 days at the moment and I’m already knackered! I’ve had so much to do and the next few days are going to be so hectic as well. But I shall start at the start.

I flew to Madrid from Liverpool on Monday 29th September. It was an alright journey and after my early start I napped for about 40 minutes on the plane. Not enough time for me to feel fully refreshed but enough for me to tackle the day ahead. I was met at the airport by two lovely Spanish girls with whom I will be sharing a flat with after the next couple of days. We firstly went to their flat for me to have a look around and they also let me leave my huge suitcase there so I didn’t have to carry it around with me for the rest of the day.

They were really lovely and I am excited to be living with them during my time here. They are both into music and enjoy singing so at least I know when I get into the mood and can’t help myself that they won’t think it is something weird. Also it will give me the chance to expand my music tastes as they both like different things to me.

After that I headed to my hostel/airbnb thing. It was about 25 minutes away by metro and by the time I got there it was really late. It’s not too bad a place, but it is really dated with oldish furniture. However the people who own it seem pretty nice. I phoned up my mum for a conversation whilst I was there as I wanted her to know that I was okay and then I went to sleep.

The next day was somewhat stressful. I woke up to a message from my friend saying I needed to come to this orientation day. This was an hour and half before it started! I quickly got up, dressed and ran out of the flat. I managed to get there just in time but as I was in a rush I didn’t have the chance to eat anything. When I first arrived and walked into my first talk I managed to find myself sat next to my friend Toñi who I met in Salamanca two years before. I knew she was going to be there but it was really weird that the free seat I saw was next to her. I have to say that the meetings were all a bit boring, and some of them just had information repeated over and over again. I know they want to make sure that we’re okay and that we don’t do anything wrong but I still think they could have organised it slightly better. Nothing really happened much for the rest of the day except I found out when I could go to my school and have some contact with my mentor.

On Wednesday I woke up ridiculously early and headed off on a one hour journey to where my school is. Unfortunately I was a little late getting there as I confused myself with the directions and walked down the wrong road. Luckily it wasn’t too much of a problem and I was shown around by mentor, who is really nice, and I was introduced to certain other important people within the school. I don’t have my timetable yet but I will find it out on Monday when I turn up for my first classes! I’m a little nervous and scared about what to expect from them but I’m sure they will go well.

After I visited the school I went back to the flat I will soon be living in to collect my key (exciting!) and to pick up some more stuff as I needed to head off to another hotel so that I could attend more orientation. The talks during the evening were a bit dull but I was able to meet up with some girls I’d been speaking to online which made the time pass quicker. It was a good night once we could do our own thing and we had a laugh whilst also getting to know some more people. The fact that I now know more people in Madrid has made me even more excited to be here.

Today we carried on with more talks about what we should and shouldn’t do and tomorrow we head back off to our own places and I will be finally moving into my flat! And hopefully, getting a Spanish number sorted out for myself. Hopefully the next few weeks will calm down but I am happy knowing that this is going to be another fantastic year!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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