Halloween and Bonfire Night

So the past week has been quite average, nothing exciting has really happened and it has been quite laid back.

All week in the school I’ve been having to give presentations about Halloween and because there was always more time left over I added some extra info about Bonfire Night as well. It’s interesting that whilst I’ve been in Spain I’ve been learning more about things at home. It was interesting doing the research for the Halloween presentation as I found out lots of little things that I think are important. And I finally found out why orange is one of the main colours! I thought it was something to do with autumn but it turns out that Halloween was originally a festival to celebrate the end of harvest and orange was the colour they associated with harvest.

The bonfire information I did no research for as I could remember quite a bit of the history from my classes at school but it was difficult trying to get the students to imagine how big the bonfires normally are. A few of them said that for one of their festivals, San Juan, the people jump over the bonfires once the fire has died down, and they assumed that you would be able to do the same with the ones in the UK. With the classes that I was able to, I found pictures online of some the celebrations for bonfire night and that lead some students to ask general questions about the UK in general. I found that quite nice as normally the kids only want to speak in Spanish and refuse to do anything to get them to speak in English.

Two other things did happen to me this week as well, first I managed to get my NIE sorted out! I am so glad that it’s done but I had a ridiculous time trying to get it sorted. First I was late to my appointment because we have to pay a fee for the processing of the application and I Was waiting in a Santander for 30 minutes with the form in my hand but just before it was my turn the cashier person told me that I couldn’t pay for that there if I didn’t have an account with them,,,, Now, I’m not being funny but if you’ve seen someone waiting in a queue for 30 minutes with the paper in their hand why didn’t you say something before? Or seeing as it’s so close to the place where you get the NIE why don’t they have a sign at the front of the bank saying you can only pay for it if you have an account with them? Just a little something they should think about. Anyway, they were understanding in the foreigner’s office and pointed me to another bank where I was able to get it paid for. So now I am officially allowed to work in Spain!

Another thing which happened that is a little rubbish is that I lost two clients for my private classes this week. No it wasn’t because they didn’t want me to teach them any more but other things had come up to do with work and school. It’s a shame but it now means I have an extra two hours free a week which I am going to try and use to my advantage. with other things and I may try and find some other people to fill the times I now have free.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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