The Problems With Commuting

So this week was the first time I really noticed any problems on the metro, which is lucky seeing as I know that some people are often harassed. For me though, it wasn’t a case of harassment but of plain rudeness. I know that a lot of people are trying to get to work in a morning and so are rushing around, I too am doing the same, but some of the behaviour is so frustrating.

My main problem I have is with the escalators. As with the case of escalators in most big cities you stand on the right-hand side so that people can walk up the left-hand side. Not too difficult to grasp, especially if you are supposed to live in the city. But still some people find the urge to stand on the left-hand side so they can talk to their friends, and these are normally the older generation. This is frustrating but it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t look at you like you were the crazy one for trying to walk past them. I’m sorry but if you’re travelling around Madrid at 7:30am, on a week day no less, then you should know that there are going to be people rushing around the station to be able to get to the next metro stop. However, this isn’t nearly as frustrating as the people who decide they will use the escalator instead of the lift when they have proper suitcases with them…. I honestly don’t understand why they think that could possibly help.

Another problem I’ve had is trying to get off the metro. Now that seems stupid, how difficult could it be to get off a metro I hear you ask. Well when people decide they are going to stand directly in front of the doors and not shift it becomes a challenge. I had to tap a woman on the side and ask her politely to move and she looked at me like I was crazy. Even though she had blocked people from being able to get to the door. She had two bags and had wedged herself between the two hand hold posts effectively trapping everyone else on the metro.

Part of me feels that I’m annoyed for no reason as these people could have just have not known that they were being an inconvenience but I think it is the way these people reacted that annoyed me more than anything. There have been other times when I’ve been trying to get up the escalators and some has been stood too far to the left and they’ve moved to let me past and people have also let me get off the metro first. So I know it’s not everything but it’s always the small minority of people that ruin things.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂

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