Blogmas Day 14 | Christmas Traditions

I go home to the UK for two weeks this Thursday and I was thinking of all the things that I will be doing whilst I’m there and it hit me that my family doesn’t really have a lot of traditions, or more that they have changed over the years. When I was younger we used to go to my Nan’s house for Christmas dinner but now we stay at home. I know this will only be a small post but that just mans it’s quicker to read!

One of the main things that I do every year is to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve before going to bed. I know some people may class it as more of a Halloween film but I think that it fits in well for Christmas Eve. We normally wake up quite early in the morning on Christmas as my little sister always wants to open all her presents as quick as she can. This means we have to bring all of our things into her bedroom and gather around her bed whilst she opens her presents first, then me, then my Mum and then my Stepdad (although they sometimes swap around). If anyone has received any computer games or anything electrical we use them until around midday when Mum starts to prepare the dinner. We eat dinner, clean up, watch Doctor Who and just relax for the evening.

That is pretty much all we do for the day. It’s quite a laid back, simple day but it’s a good one. I’m not sure if I’d want some of the crazier traditions where everyone is running around being stressed so I’m happy. Let me know about your Christmas traditions in the comments or on my social media!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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