Blogmas Day 3 | What I Did For My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday as I think I may have mentioned in every single one of my blogmas posts now. I’m hoping it won’t become a recurring theme but I can also not confirm whether or not that will be the case at present! I didn’t do much during the actual day part of my birthday as I was at school all day and then I had a private class but I did go out with my friends in the evening and I wanted to share some details. 

First of all, I’d love to share my outfit with you guys! All the clothes I wore were from Primark and I bought them all last weekend (I think might still be part student!) but I think it made a really nice ensemble so it doesn’t really bother me all that much.
burgundy blouse journeytothecentreofnewexperiences
 I bought the blouse because I am really liking the burgundy shades at the moment and I think it goes really well with my colouring but because the blouse was like a chiffon material it rendered it a little see-through so I bought the black Vest top to go underneath, which is great as I was needing a new vest top anyway! I bought the jeans as I need a new pair and I liked the way these fitted on me and they just feel really comfortable as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get a proper photo of myself in all the clothes together but I do have this one which I took to snapchat to my friends in the UK. 
So after my tutoring class I had around 40 minutes spare before I had to meet my friends so I headed to the Plaza Mayor to see if the Christmas Markets had started properly or not. And I’m still not quite sure. Some of the stall were open but there weren’t a lot of people there and they also didn’t have a huge variety of stalls. Most of them were repeated and I was a little disappointed as I had been expecting it to be better. But I think it was the lack of a mulled wine stall that has made me think that it hadn’t opened properly as most Christmas Markets have a mulled stall. Even if they are spread out through an area there is at least one and I couldn’t find a single one anywhere where I was so I am going to keep my fingers crossed that it will be there properly by next weekend as I’d like to see if there is anything I can buy there as small presents for some of my family members. Also, I would be very disappointed if Lille could pull off a better Christmas Market than Madrid.
When I met up with my friends we headed to this Italian restaurant that I had booked us a table for (not that we needed to book as it was absolutely quiet all night!). I really enjoyed it, the food was really good and I’m glad that I found it. It wasn’t too expensive but it is more than I would normally pay but we did have some Prosseco so I suppose that could be why.
The girls also got me some lovely presents but if you want to find out what they are you will have to wait until my birthday vlog goes up on my youtube channel! 
Hasta la fuego! 
Lauren 🙂 x

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