Blogmas Day 4 | Top 5 Christmas Songs

So far I am keeping up with the Christmas spirit! I thought that now would be a good time to tell you my top 5 Christmas songs. These are the songs that instantly make me think of Christmas but a couple may not be as obvious to other people. But I guess that´s what I like about these types of things a memory can link any song to any time of year for you. So without further ado here they are:

5) It Was On A Starry Night: I first heard this song when I was around 8 years old as we had to use it from the Nativity play that we were doing at the time and ever since it has been one of my favourite Christmas songs. I think it might be in part because it reminds me of being younger but all I know if that I get huge smile on my face when I hear it.

4) O Come All Ye Faithful: Again we used this is in one of our school Christmas plays but I think I may have heard it before then. I just like the tune of the song and I think it’s quite nice to listen to or even sing yourself and surely you should want to sing your favourite songs?

3) Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: I’m starting to see a recurring pattern here as this used to be played at our school discos during the Christmas period and I remember everyone just dancing it to and having a great time. I think it may be one of the few songs that isn’t too annoying if you listen to it on repeat.

2) Fairytale of New York: My mum really likes this song so I’ve heard it a fair few times and I reckon it is one of the most popular Christmas songs there is. I will admit that the beginning used to bore me so much but nowadays I find myself really getting into and it always makes me want to get up and just have a jive around.

1) What If?: Now, I’m not sure how many people would class this as a Christmas song but to me it is one of the best ones. It’s from the cartoon version of A Christmas Carol and Kate Winslet sings this song. I think it is so beautiful and just so perfect. Sure, it’s not really happy and joyful but not everything about Christmas is and I think that it is good to see a different side of things. That being said I do enjoy listening to this song all through the year.

So those are my 5 favourite songs at Christmas. I think it shows the mix of music that I like in general and I definitely think I will be playing all of these at some point in the next few days!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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