Blogmas Day 8 | Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert

Okay, so I seem to have failed at this blogging malarkey over the past 4 days! I profusely apologise but I have had a busy weekend with little time in my flat and also feeling like I’m going to die with this insane cold that has come on! Hopefully I will be able to keep to the schedule better this week!

So today I wanted to talk about the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert this year and for those of you who haven’t seen it here it is:

There has been some criticism of this advert as people believe that something as important as the First World War shouldn’t be subverted for commercial purposes and they also believe that a supermarket shouldn’t try and make light of something so serious so as to make people use their store. I’ve also heard that this video is unrealistic as something like that would never have happened…. To those people I would like to tell them to do some research into the Christmas of 1914 and how it was only a small number of people that had the truce but that it did happen.

For the other points I have to concur somewhat that a supermarket shouldn’t be exploiting something like this for their own gains but at the same time I feel like the advert has done a good thing. I think that it has shown that even in the height of something so cataclysmically terrible as WW1 there was still some good in the world. Perhaps a supermarket shouldn’t have been the one to make this move but we have to ask ourselves if anyone else would have done? Before the advert was released there had been no mention of this so it seems unlikely another source would have done so.

Another criticism I’ve heard is that the advert romanticises war and makes it look like a happy and joyful time, and that it would have been better to show a criticism of what really achieves. I personally think that this is a discussion for another time. Christmas is meant to be a time of forgiving and happiness so I don’t agree with making it about an agenda to attack people who have fought in wars.

My personal take on the video is on compassion and how people who are supposed to be against each other can come together and celebrate something so simple as Christmas even when they are far from home and fighting in a war that they more than likely didn’t expect and with some of them not wanting to fight in the first place.

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Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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