Blogmas Day17 | Coming Home for Christmas

So as Christmas comes closer it becomes the time for many students, and anyone else who is only temporarily living away from home, to head back to the family nest. It is a time of contradictions. Everyone missing being home but after a few days you begin to miss the independence that you previously had.

For the past 5 years I have lived in some different part of the country, and even Europe. I always look forward to the time that I can come home for Christmas and have some home comforts, ie my bed and some cooking from my mum! But at the same time I know that my time will be more constricted than when I am living on my own. It hasn’t been too much of a problem until this year, mainly because I never had a need to just sit and use my laptop like I have to this year.

Another downside is that I don’t feel as free to go out with my friends and spend time out of the house. This isn’t because of anything that has been said to me but because I feel like I should be polite to my mum and check that it is okay for me to go anywhere. Also, we normally buy food for the week so it means that some food could potentially end up wasted if I don’t let her know in time. Some people mock me for saying I have to check with my mum but I just see it as something that needs to be done as it’s polite.

But as I mentioned, it’s great to be at home as well! Obviously the main advantage is that all of your possessions are in that place and you can feel truly comfortable there. There is nothing better than getting home and seeing your own bed and knowing that you can feel comfortable and know that it is your bed and no one else has slept in it (the main problem with student housing!) Also, if you are a university student then being at home is a time when you can be warm and not have to worry about the heating bills! It’s also one of the few times you won’t have to buy the food yourself whilst you are studying.

If anyone has any other positives or negatives about coming home for Christmas then let me know in the comments below or at my social media!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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