Spring Is Coming

Enjoying the sun with
my shades on!

The 1st March to me was the precursor to Spring. I didn’t wake up in the morning intending to think like that (in fairness after the night out before I wasn’t expecting to wake up before 12!) but I did. The sun was out, which over the past couple of weeks isn’t something that is unexpected. There hasn’t been many days in Madrid when there hasn’t been some sun, but I woke up and I felt like something was different.

Some friends and myself had organised to go to the Retiro park and have a picnic as the weather was meant to be nice and boy was it! We had gorgeous 20 degrees heat and I full on guiri’d it up in my shorts and vest top! (Guiri is a Spanish word for people who aren’t from Spain, maybe somewhat with a more negative connotation that I would like!) But being from the North of England means that temperature is something to enjoy and make the most of! I don’t know how I would be coping with what I’ve seen of the weather at home, it’s nice to be warm here.

It was lovely going to the park and just enjoying some food, company and good weather. I feel like I spend a lot of time in my flat and not really getting the chance to see other people, although I blame this on the fact I’m trying to save money and not spend it whenever I want to! It’s difficult trying to be responsible with what you have. A picnic is a nice cheap alternative though.

Yesterday was also the first time I had tried Taco Bell! I seriously do not understand how I have been living without it! I love Mexican food so I was sure it would be a hit for me but what I didn’t expect was for it to be as good as it is. I know it’s popular fast food chain, but sometimes the food just doesn’t live up to expectations.

After this day that I had, I am feeling ready for spring and eventually summer and although I have no plans with myself for after May I am feeling somewhat optimistic. It’s amazing what a bit of sun and warm weather can do for your mindset!

I hope you enjoyed this short blog, I know that it was easier to write and less stressful than trying to arrange the last one!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

2 Replies to “Spring Is Coming”

  1. I think March is a lovely month, like October, for all exciting things. I'm jealous of the weather you're having though – I'd love nothing more than a picnic in the sun!

    Fadulous Blog

  2. I find March to be somewhat boring and plain but then again I don't really have anything important that happens in March. Whereas October there is the wonders of Halloween and silly costumes! Spain, well Madrid, is doing well for the weather right now. It's been so nice to just sit outside and enjoy life. I hope the weather picks up for you soon!
    Lauren 🙂 x

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