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Ever since I was a little, tiny smidge of a girl I have wanted to travel! My Nan went to France for a weekend and I was captivated by her stories and wanted to go, my Mum went to Amsterdam and Antwerp by boat and then I longed to travel there as well and possibly go on a cruise (even more so after the same Nan went on a cruise to see the Norwegian fjords!) With all this mind I thought why not write a travel bucket list of  10 places that I really, really, really want to visit at least once in my life! (Note: Some of these may end up being cruises that I want to go on!)

1) Rome, Italy  Capital cities are always a must to visit. But the want to visit this place has a lot more to do with the history than to do with the fact it’s a capital city. It was the most important point of power in the world for so many centuries and to be able to set foot within the Imperium and try to find the history for myself is something that I will never pass up the chance to do.

2) Innsbruck/Achensee, Austria  When I was 11/12 I read a series of books called “The Chalet School” And the first 20-30 books were set by an Austrian lake known as Achensee. It’s in the mountains close by Innsbruck and since then I have always wanted to visit. To be honest though, what’s not to love about a lake surrounded by mountains?!

3) Carcassonne, France This is an old medieval town in the south of France that still retains a lot of his historical buildings. However if you visit this place you aren’t allowed to take a car within the walls of the Carcassonne so it means a lot of walking will be on the table for you. As huge lover of history surrounding the medieval period that place has been on my list to visit for a long time and after visiting Mont St Michel a couple of years ago, the itch to get up and visit this place has been ever increasing!

4) Granada, Spain I’m starting to detect a pattern with where I want to visit. I think historical importance might be one of the biggest factors for me wanting to go and see something, and Granada is no exception! I’ve been told that Granada is a beautiful place to see but my main reason for wanting to go is so that I can see the Alhambra. This was the palace of the Emirs of the Moorish rule in Spain for many centuries until the 16th one. Granada was the last Moorish “kingdom” in Spain and was removed by Isabel of Castille and her husband, Ferdinand. To see a castle/palace but with different architecture and different influences is something that I will always say yes to!

5) Canada Yes, I know that I have just named an entire country but to be honest I kind of just want to visit the entire country. I don’t know which particular places I want to see here but I want to see as much as I possibly can. I think I’d liked to be able to do the train journey across the country so that I can see as much as possible but for slightly cheaper than paying for lots of different tickets! The only thing that is putting me off at the moment is the fact that I’ve been told about the mosquitoes that are there, and mosquitoes and Lauren do not mix well!

6) Caribbean Cruise A cruise is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I think that having the experience around some of the most beautiful islands in the world would make the holiday so much more exciting. It’s a great way to relax, explore and see more places than if you went on a conventional trip.

7) Machu Picchu, Peru Ever since I’ve been learning Spanish I have wanted to take this trip into the Peruvian mountains. Seeing the ruins to ancient civilizations and being able to explore some of the South American wilderness at the same time seems like a great plan. But again, I feel like the insects and potential dangerous animals may put me off from this trip!

8) Galicia, Spain You would have thought that after having the chance to live in Spain twice that I would have been able to visit this North-Westerly point of the peninsula/country. But alas no. It has a climate that is somewhat similar to the UK (ie it rains a lot) and it has many wonderful landscapes. Not to mention that the beaches close to Vigo have been voted as the most beautiful in the world. I mean, who would pass up on the chance to visit those? Also, there is a historical element with the cathedral of Santiago de Compostella which is one of the biggest pilgrimage sites in Europe. I think that to do this area of the world justice I will have to go on a proper holiday there. So perhaps having left it, will prove to be better?

9) Edinburgh, Scotland This may end up being the easiest place for me to visit on my list because it’s probably the closest! I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, because it’s one of those places that is always spoken about with such love and described as being so beautiful. So why not make it to the capital? It has a castle as well which is obvious a bonus for me!

10) A world cruise This may make the other 9 seem a little redundant if I can just take a cruise that will take me around the world. But they tend to be expensive and also rather long so I think it might be something that I leave for quite a few years until I will be able to manage it. But I also think that it will be a nice relaxing way to visit certain cities in the majority of the countries around the world.  I’m hoping that I will be able to afford this trip one day in the future but who knows what will happen?

So those are 10 trips that I’m hoping to take, some will obviously be easier to manage than others and that is by no means all the places that I want to visit! But I do hope that I am able to do more travelling in the future!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

4 Replies to “Travel Bucket List! 10 Places to See”

  1. Can I come with? Although I reckon the bears in Canada may be more worrying than the mosquitos, lol.

  2. Haha yes! 😀 I'd have thought that you'd want to visit some places with me 🙂 Yeah, the bears would be terrifying as well, maybe I won't end up in Canada…..

  3. #1 & #4 are for sure on my list too! I can't believe you've never been to Edinburgh though! It's 40mins away from me on the train, or an hour-ish by car. I go more times than I can count and have just started a blog series this year 'Exploring Edinburgh'! Hope you get to go soon.

    Danielle xo

  4. Haha, I think they are on most people's list to be honest! Living in Sheffield makes it more difficult! I think it takes like 4 hours by train and nearly the same by car? Not sure, but I know it's quite far away so I've never been there. I would love to get the chance to though! Oooo, I might have to have a read of that then!

    Lauren 🙂 x

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