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So for some reason I thought that this post had already gone up, so imagine my surprise when I went into the draft and saw it was empty! I’m not going to lie, I was a little heartbroken. That was until I remembered that I had actually written down this blog by hand previously so I don’t have to try and remember how I worded it or miss anything out that was important!  I’d also like to take this time to give thanks to Lauren at Blonde Vision for organising the whole event! It was a great day out and I’m really glad that I was given the chance to attend this!

Here is the (really late, sorry!) post!

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When I received the email about going to the Big Blogger Conference in June I wasn’t sure if it was something that I should do or not. This year I have been wanting to take my blog further and do more exciting things with it. Events are always something I’ve been a little nervous of as I’m naturally quite a shy person, which I know a lot of people won’t believe. So I decided to push myself and put my name down to buy a ticket.

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Lovely New Notebook!

I’d just like to say now that it was such a good event and I’ve had the best time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of very important things about how to build my blog into some more successful (although it might help more if I sit down and publish my blog posts…) and also to expand on what I’m already doing. I am also grateful to have met so many wonderful people who I’ve been speaking to online for a few months, and after all it’s always good to get to see them in the flesh every once in a while. 

One of the talks 🙂

So my day started really early! My alarm was set for 3:30 am! I’m impressed that I even managed to get up in time to be honest. I’m always so tired at the weekend that I never really want to do anything and the idea of getting up before 8am always sounds too painful! This event was also the first time that I would be driving to the train station since passing my test. And it was also my first big drive on my own! The only positive was that there was hardly anyone else on the roads so I didn’t have to worry about crashing! The journey down to London itself wasn’t too bad, the joys of having a direct train from Sheffield to London. 

I did have a bit of a surprise on the day though when I received a text from a friend saying she would be in London for a couple of hours as well. We’d not seen each other since we both left Bangor Uni a year or so ago. We had a quick breakfast together before she had to get her train to Brighton. Although it wasn’t a part of the main day it was nice to have a mini catch up!

The event itself was really informative and split up into a morning session and an afternoon session. In the morning 3 talks were held to give more information on how to turn your blog into a business, how to utilise SEO properly (and we all need that help!) and also how to utilise Pinterest to the best of it’s abilities. These talks were held by Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries, Jasmin from Jasmin Charlotte and Elizabeth from Rosalilium respectively. I made so many notes so was really grateful to receive a notebook from to be able to take down all the information that was needed. I can definitely see myself flicking back through in the coming future to make sure that I’m doing as much as I can! 

The afternoon session was filled with the brand exhibitions. There were two rooms that were absolutely rammed with brands and people! It was a little difficult to navigate around and it was strange to be in a room with so many people and it made me think I was back at Serendipity (fresher’s fair at Bangor university). There was so much to take in and I think that I might forget some just because it was difficult to take much in. I did receive quite a few free things that I will either be doing mini reviews on instagram with or in depth reviews here or on my youtube. 

The day was really great and I will be keeping an eye on other LDNmeet events in the future as there was so much packed in and yet it didn’t seem rushed! 

Hasta la fuego

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