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Wow 2 posts in November! I think I need to slow down a minute! You must feel lucky that I’ve been able to find the time for this. On a more serious side I’m glad that I’ve been able to sit down and write another post in the same month and also to be able to spend a little more time on my blog. I had been missing it whilst working near enough 53 hour weeks…

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Cheeky selfie on the day

I feel like I’ve been able to get around quite a lot despite having been working so much and I think that all this travelling to events has helped my confidence a little; especially as I have the tendency to put my name down for things without seeing who else is going to be there, but surely that’s a good thing? Anyway, this event was held in London and I’m starting to see a pattern of a lot of events being held in London but I suppose there are an awful lot of people in that neck of the woods. And to be fair I don’t mind the travelling, it gives me time to just sit and write. Although waking up at around 4am on a Saturday has never been my idea of fun!

Lovely new notebook

It was a very intimate event with only 10 people or so attending but I found this really nice as it meant that you were more able to talk in depth with the people there. As much as I enjoyed the Big Blogger Conference I think it helps to have less people. The main focus of this event was book blogging, not I know I don’t do a lot of that here but I do try over on An Awful Lot Of Reviews (please excuse the current irony of that title, one day it will live up to it!) To be honest, other than reviews I’ve never really had an idea on how best to talk about books so I thought this would give a little bit of an insight into that.

Wish I didn’t own so many watches now…

It seems like a lot of people opt for the standard book review for a book but some people mentioned doing comparisons of books that are often linked together in reviews and on book sites to see if they really are that similar. Other people mentioned just doing a roundup of all the books they’ve read that month and maybe the odd in depth review as well. Both of those ideas seem quite appealing and I think the roundup idea may be used on here to try to link both of my blogs together a little more. It also means that I can mention slightly more books as well.

In love with the location!

I found this event to be really interesting and informative as we had a publicist/marketer from Penguin Random House come to talk to us about the publishing industry itself and how Penguin are wanting to work with more bloggers and vloggers. Due to how much information was crammed into this talk I will be giving this talk it’s entire post so as to not rush anything and to make sure that I don’t rush it. I will say though that I found this to be of great use to me with my dreams and aspirations.

Loved these flowers!

I’ve noticed that the more often I go to blogging events, the more I actually want to blog and vlog full time. I’d never really considered it to be an actual job for me as it’s quite a risky move but I enjoy so many aspects of it! I’m always really intrigued to hear about people who have decided to make it their full time job but I’m still a little apprehensive about making the move myself. I think I’d like to have quite a few savings to fall back on first and I should probably try and sort out a proper schedule as well.

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First ever macrons!

I’d like to take this moment to thank Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries for organising this even and making sure that everyone had a great time. It was nice to get to talk to her properly especially after the talk that she gave at the Big Blogger Conference in August. I’d also like to mention the sponsors for the event quickly as they allowed the event to be free and also provided us with free food and drink! So thank you Obag ShopBloom & WildZazzleAnges De SucreRingtons Tea and Basilico Pizza. You all made the event that little bit better for us all.

Hasta la fuego

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