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It seems like a really weird thing to say but I’m no longer excited by flying. For me, it’s just like getting onto a bus or a trains. I suppose it goes to show that if you do anything often enough it can lead to it losing its wonder. I never thought that flying would become like that for me. Although I still enjoy seeing new places, so that’s a plus I suppose!

Over the past couple of years I must have been on over 20 different flights and most of them during a one year period. I know all the safety instructions and I often find that I know more about which things needs to be taken from my carry-on bag than the actual security staff…. awkward. I find it a shame that the companies I usually fly with don’t have an air miles programme otherwise I would have been able to travel a hell of a lot more, as it could have meant some cheaper of even free flights!

It does make me sad to think that I’ve gotten to this stage as I always used to see flying as something that a special treat. I didn’t go on my first flight until I was 10 and at time I was so excited but now I’m just annoyed whenever there is something in front of me that doesn’t know what they’re doing. I just keep hoping that this feeling isn’t what it’s like to be an adult in full, never having excitement for anything ever again! Somewhat like the pixies from Fairly Odd Parents…. (now I feel old, haven’t watched that show in ages!)

I don’t think I will ever grow bored of travelling though, just the means of how to do so. There are so many more places that I want to see in my life many of which are here which means that I will have to go flying a lot more in the future. Hopefully I will find a way to make them more enjoyable, or at least find something exciting to do whilst I am on them. Although if someone fancies building a teleportation device to make it quicker to travel then I would be down for that. Still not sure if the pros would outweigh the possible cons with that sort of technology though!

I think I might just need a few months or maybe even a year without planes before my joy and excitement of travelling and flying is returned. But surely I can’t be the only one who thinks this way?

Hasta la fuego

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