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A couple (alright maybe a few) weeks ago I was invited to The Body Shop event at Meadowhall. I was invited last minute after I found out about (and joined) the Sheffield Bloggers Facebook group and the manager of the store was asking if anyone was interested in going. I sent my details across very last minute but was lucky enough to get an invite. I wasn’t really sure what would be happening but seeing as I enjoy Body Shop products anyway I thought why not.

One gift set I was tempted to buy!

All the different musks!

As with most events I attend I went on my own without really knowing anyone who was going. It’s not normally too bad but I did feel a little awkward the first 15 minutes or so as everyone else seemed to have already gravitated into small groups. But I was able to speak to a couple of other people, though didn’t catch their names so have no idea who they were (sorry about that!)

Applying the blush

This event was different to what I’m used to as it was organised solely by the store and was very much focused on the new products that have come out as part of the Christmas range. The main focus seemed to be on the two eye palettes for the Christmas season and we saw a demonstration of how to apply the colours to get the best out of them. I definitely found this helpful as I really don’t have much of a clue on how to apply make up… (awkward blogger confessions) which is mainly why I don’t show how to use the things that I’ve bought. Maybe I should use my lack of knowledge to create a video series on how to apply make-up for those with little knowledge on it?

Think I might need one of those….

I was really tempted to get one of the palettes with the gold and purple as those are the colours I usually wear but I already have two palettes with similar colours that I bought this year, autumn colours anyone?

Really love these colours right now!

It was a really good evening and I even came away with a couple of goodies for myself!

Trio of brushes and purple!

I swear I will learn how to apply these properly, just look at how pretty they are! And, I now have some extra brushes to use with them. Hopefully I will have learnt something from this event in how to apply them!

Cranberry body wash!

I really can’t wait to use this! The smell is absolutely gorgeous, I might just leave it until Christmas is here to fully appreciate it.

Look at his little face!

I love this little bath plush but I don’t really use them, but my nephew enjoys using it as a toy to go with his various other teddies.

One of these days I will have to try and show a look with the various bits of make-up I have but until then it will just be boxed pictures of them.

Hasta la fuego

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