Bloggeration Book Bloggers Event: The Goodies!

I couldn’t resist doing a full post on all the lovely little goodies that I received from this event back at the beginning of November. In the past I’ve found it difficult to give enough attention to all the little bits and bobs that are given out without making the post seem too long or bogged down so I thought why not just make a post dedicated to them all? It also helps that I received quite a few things to talk about from this event!

There was a standard goodie from Bloggeration which included some loose leaf teas and a tea infuser. I have been wanting one of these for a few months when I started to branch out with my tea drinking ways. It makes enough for two normal sized cups or one huge one. Personally I prefer to make one big cup of tea that can last me for quite a while. I’ve only tried the strong tea leaves so far but I have been really enjoying them.

I think there might have been some sort of theme to the goodies from this event as we also received some tea for teapigs. I’ve not yet tried these, as I’ve been going through my stockpile, but I am excited to give them a taste. I’m really hoping that it’s a strong flavour after the Ringtons one now.

What do you need when you have so much tea? A handy little cup to drink from! I love the slogan on this (and also the matching door sign) but I think it’s a little too small if you are wanting a good drink whilst writing up a post!

The Nibboxx food box was really lovely inclusion to the set. Although again I’ve not yet tried it. I was hoping to be able to sit down and blog whilst snacking away, which unfortunately for me hasn’t happened yet.

Because it was an event that was mainly centred on Penguin Random House publishing, and we had one of their publishing and marketing girls to speak to us, they were lovely enough to gift us with a selection of books that have either just come out or are in the process of being released next year. The only one that I’d heard of was by Yeonmi Park and I was excited to be able to get home and read it. So far halfway through and loving it so watch this space for my thoughts on that.

I honestly didn’t expect to be receive so many lovely things from this event and also get as much advice as I did as well. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future events put on by both Bloggeration and Sarah!

Hasta la fuego

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