Visiting Lincoln

Visiting Lincoln my lavender tinted world

Being the history nerd that I am and also having the excuse of spending time with Ryan to celebrate both of our birthdays at the beginning of December we took a trip to Lincoln. I had wanted to go originally for the Christmas markets but unfortunately we had decided to go for Ryan’s birthday weekend which happened to be a week later.

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We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the Brayford Wharf, opposite the student union, and it was pretty easy to get to and to also travel around Lincoln city centre. Well I say it was easy, I did end up having to park in a car park nearby and walking to the hotel to check I could drive down there. It was far too pedestrianised for my mind!! The hotel was really lovely and well kept, and although we couldn’t use the restaurant due to Christmas parties I would definitely go back. The novelty of a kingsize bed is not something I would forget easily!

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For such a small place, Ryan and I did tend to find ourselves getting lost quite frequently. The first full day we had in Lincoln we tried to find the castle. You wouldn’t have thought that a castle would be so difficult to find, but it turns out it can be. We walked in the complete opposite direction for about 15 minutes or so as we completely lost our bearings. We also managed to stumble across a road collision with paramedics and police, still curious to find out what had happened and if the people involved were okay.

We did manage to eventually find our way to the castle and after nearly deciding not to climb Steep Hill (spoiler it’s the steepest hill I’ve ever seen and that’s after Glanrafon, aka Bitch, Hill in Bangor!!) we finally made it to the castle and cathedral. We decided to get tickets to see EVERYTHING! I mean, we didn’t want to miss out on anything exciting. I was a bit gutted that the Magna Carta wasn’t on display though, but the Charter of the Forests were pretty impressive themselves.

Lincoln assize court, working court, lincoln court

We went on a walking guided tour around the castle grounds and I was surprised to find out that there is still a working assize court in the grounds, and you have to be careful about the noise you make or get held in contempt of court (I steered well clear of this particular building!) It was quite interesting and I found out that the war between Stephen of Blois and Empress Maud/Matilda was called the anarchy. I’ve read so much on that era and yet had never come across that name for it before. I suppose you do learn something new everyday!

Lincoln victorian gaol, lincoln victorian prison, lincoln prison

We spent around 6 hours touring the castle/gaol/walls and also going into the cathedral. I could have spent a lot more time there if we hadn’t been so time concious on getting to the shop before it closed, yes the gift shops always draw me in and I always buy something from them! This time I ended up with Strawberry flavoured wine, which I am still to try out! Perhaps I should save it for the new year now?

Medieval coins! I could spend hours looking at these!

The next day we had we spent wandering through the shops and I may have bought myself around 6 books in Waterstones…. I really should not be allowed in book stores at all and now my to be read pile is getting on towards at least 50 books! Not as large as many people but I seem to just increase it instead of cutting down on it! Thank god for work and lunch breaks to read in!

I really enjoyed my trip to Lincoln and it definitely assuaged some of my wanderlust even though it was somewhere in the UK. I just hope that I can save up enough money to go for another weekend break in the next couple of months with Ryan.

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Trying to selfie and Ryan wanted a hug!

If you have any suggestions on where to viist next, let me know!

Hasta la fuego

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  1. I love reading about people's trips to Lincoln as I used to study there whilst I was at University. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there, it's such a wonderful and beautiful place.

    Blogger & The Geek

  2. I kind of wish that I had put myself down to study there! It looks wonderful! I will definitely be visiting back in the near future I reckon.

    Lauren 🙂 x

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