2016 Goals

I’m not very good at sticking to new year resolutions (or schedules! This is a couple of days late..) so instead of making a list of things I know I am very unlikely to complete I thought I’d set some goals for myself. Something that I can work towards and also see some improvement with. Most of the goals I’ve set are very much orientated around my blog and YouTube channel. This is because I really want to make the effort with them this year. Last year I saw that I could blog about anything and everything all year, but I noticed that my video making was pushed to one side so I want to make sure that both are as up to date and frequent as possible. Also, I think I’m more likely to be able to spend a reasonable amount of time on them both without all my crazy over time hours!

1) I want to aim for at least one blog post per week (ideally on a Saturday). I was trying to two per week at one point it was good but I never seemed to be able to get the posts looking how I wanted them to. So if I aim for at least one I can always up the post amount.

2) On a very similar note, I want to upload one youtube video every week (ideally on Sunday). This would give me either the Saturday to film and edit a video or at least some point during the rest of the week to get this done.It will also motivate me to make sure my room is in some sort of order to use my new tripod and camera!

3) One thing that I started last year and kind of gave up on was my gaming channel. I really enjoy playing games but I never seemed to have the time actually just sit and record some videos (or play games for that matter!) So I am aiming to get two videos a month posted on there. It’s not a lot but I think it might help me to focus more and to expand it into something I can updated a lot more frequently.

4) As anyone who is following my instagram knows (and if you’re not click here) I am attempting to post a photo a day for the next year. I want to be able to document my life and see what I may have been getting up to that day in a few years time, or maybe even next year! I did attempt the #100HappyDays challenge a couple of years ago and I think I made it to a grand total of 6 days! So I’m hoping I will be more successful than this. As a side thought, I will also be doing a monthly recap on my blog of what I’ve been up to via pictures.

5) Travel more. There isn’t really much I can add to this. I’ve always loved travelling and I enjoy going somewhere new and different. This year I don’t think I will be doing anything too extravagant but I think I will be able to persuade Ryan to visit some places in the UK for weekends away. Maybe once I’ve been able to make my bank balance a little healthier I will start looking at travelling abroad again!

These are the goals that I want to work towards and accomplish by actually doing something. However I thought I’d make a preliminary (but realistic) list of the goals I want to achieve on social media. I’ve gone with realistic goals so I don’t feel too disheartened at the end of year (such pessimistic talk but I can’t help it!)

Twitter → 900
Facebook → 100
Youtube → 350
Instagram → 400
Bloglovin → 100

Have you set yourself any goals for 2016? Let me know if you have an what you hope to achieve!

Hasta la fuego

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