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As soon as I found out that Netflix had created another original Marvel series I knew I had to watch it. Although I’ve never read any of the comics (they are surprisingly more difficult to find and expensive than I thought), I have always loved watching the cartoon series of comics since I was younger. I adore all of the films and although I thought Agents of Shield was a bit meh, I really enjoyed Agent Carter. I’d just finished binging season 5 of Once Upon a Time so I decided that Jessica Jones would be the next series for me!

I’m not going to pretend that I had heard of anything of this name before but I thought I would take a chance on it and see what it was about. Jessica is a Private Investigator who has the extraordinary gift of strength which gives her the impressive ability to look like she’s flying (although it’s mainly just being able to jump really well). She tries to keep her inhuman strength as secret as possible but deep down she wants to be a hero, she wants to be able to make a difference in the world but without having all of the fame and glamour of The Avengers. The main plot of this series (I say hoping for another) is Jessica trying to escape and the destroy the man who mentally and physically abused her some months prior. Kilgrave is the very essence of a strange, twisted and creepy ex-boyfriend.

Kilgrave sets up quite a few events in the series to try to win Jessica over, believing her to be his soul mate. He just doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not quite into him that way, you’d thought having someone drug you would give you a hint….

I found this show so addictive due to the way it was able to capture real emotions. Jessica suffers from PTSD, and although she tries to act like it doesn’t bother her, the facial expressions give it away. I think Krysten Ritter has done a very good job with capturing the unique elements of Jessica’s personality. She’s able to show the tough, non-fazed badass that she is. But there’s also the soft, gentle side around her friends and those she cares about. I think it’s these two sides to her combined that create the image of a believable character.

That being said, it’s also nice to see David Tennant play a character that is so different to what he has been most well known for in the past. I’m not sure if it was the British accent, but he was definitely able to create a very real threat with his entire behaviour and characterisation of Kilgrave. Although I think what makes his character worse is the fact that his superpower is manipulation, extreme manipulation and mind control. The fact they used a very real issue to be the focus of his character traits makes him all the more terrifying!

If you’ve not let yourself enjoy the wonders of this series then I strongly urge you to do so now. It something that you won’t regret watching. And if you have watched it, what did you think?

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  1. As soon as I saw you did a posted about this TV show, I knew I had to give it a read…and I'm only now getting round to commenting, oops! This show sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to have to add it my 'to-watch' list. Though, that list is never-ending.
    I'll admit that I've never seen any Marvel- there's so much, I wouldn't know where to start. But this sounds like a perfect stand-alone series to begin with ūüôā
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

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