Illamasqua: 100% Vegan Event

Illamasqua recently held an event in their section at Debenhams in Meadowhall in honour of being accredited by PETA for their 100% vegan, cruelty free make up that has been brought out. This was held for all the the Sheffield based beauty bloggers and there were quite a few of us. Upon arriving we were offered a few refreshments. They had some vegan friendly marshmallows and strawberries and a selection of drinks, and honestly I couldn’t say no.

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The event itself was centred around information on the brand itself and how they are slowly going towards a 100% cruelty-free line up of products which all of the staff members seemed to be really excited about. I will hold my hands up here and say I am not a cruelty-free make up buyer. Not because I think that animals should be tested on because I really do not, but because some of the companies you think are cruelty free can end up not being due to parent companies. But that is a whole other post!

From what we were told about their products it seems like there are only a few left that they currently make which aren’t completely cruelty-free but that this shouldn’t be the case in the near future. To get a feel for the make-up and how to use it best were given a demonstration of two different looks using the cruelty free products. The first was a standard everyday make-up look that looked effortlessly flawless and the second was a bit more fun with the focus being on white freckles being dotted around the cheeks and nose.

Me being me, I was so engrossed in trying to remember how the particular looks where done, as in the technique, that I didn’t actually take any photos of the finished looks or the process of the looks. I am aware that this is a really bad trait in a blogger and I have decided that this will be the last event that I make this mistake with again.

After we had been showcased a few products, mainly the matte veil and radiance veil primers and the gel sculpt sticks. We were given the chance to have a look at all the products Illamasqua has on display. Unfortunately for me, I fell in love with an eye-shadow palette and a lipstick which would have cost £50 in total. Now I’ve not completely ruled out getting these products at some point but at the time I couldn’t justify the cost,especially as it was just before my holiday.

Each blogger was gifted with a sleek black box which contained two goodies inside. The first being a sample size of the Matte Veil Primer. Honestly I don’t really understand primers, all I know is that is supposed to help your make up stick so the next time I need a full face doing I will be giving it a whirl. And secondly, we received a full sized version of their Precision Ink Eyeliner in black. I am hoping that I like this and can use it with ease as a good ink eyeliner can be hard to come by but I feel that if I like it too much I may need to go out and buy a replacement.

Hasta la fuego

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