The Body Shop: Contouring Class

The beauty and skin care experts at The Body Shop in Meadowhall recently held a contouring masterclass for the bloggers of Sheffield. As a complete make-up noob (there’s a reason there aren’t many beauty related posts on here) I jumped at the chance to go along.

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It ended up just being 3 of us at the event but I found that made it a little easier to get to grips with the basics of contouring. The products that we were using for the contouring were the lightening and darkening drops that are usually used to subtly change the colour of a foundation. It was a little strange using a liquid product to contour with as I’ve only really used powder in the past and it made me a little anxious to use on someone else as part of the event was to do the foundation and contouring of one of the other people who had been at the event.

I felt lucky as I had Billie doing my contouring and foundation for me and I already know she is a babe with make-up. I am in awe of her skill to be honest but I felt sorry for her at the same time as it was me who had to do hers! Honestly, it didn’t go as bad as I expected. The worst part was definitely using the darkening drops and extending the contour too far. I am going to use the excuse that her face is smaller than mine so I didn’t know where to stop…. You’re not buying it are you? Luckily the staff were able to help and destroy the evidence of the mess I made.

the body shop,contouring class, lightinglavender, mylavendertintedworld, my lavender tinted world, contouring, beauty blogger
A reminder to show me how to do it again!

It was the first The Body Shop event that I’d been to to have been done in this way and honestly I thought that the format worked a lot better as you were able to get a feel for the products they were showing rather than just looking at the colours and doing a quick swatch. I’m not sure if it was also more beneficial as there was such small number of us there so we were more able to ask any questions and also get any information we wanted.

Do I feel like I learnt anything from this event? Yes. I now know where I need to put the highlighting under my eyes to contrast with the dark line across the cheeks. Have I been able to implement this yet with my own products?Not really. I don’t tend to wear a lot of make up normally on a daily basis and I’ve not had the chance to go out where I would do a full face and use some contouring but I am confident that I will have learnt a little something extra.

I’m really hoping that the lovely ladies at the Body Shop Meadowhall organise another event or class similar to this as I enjoyed it and think I will be able to learn quite a bit.

Hasta la fuego


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  1. I am utter rubbish at using liquid or cream contouring products. It would have been fun to attend the class with you! I like contouring, though I'm no expert, but I prefer powder. 🙂


  2. It turns out I am not that great either! Definitely prefer powder but I'm still learning with that to be honest. I think I need to invest in some proper brushes before I start trying to do anything too complex with my make up!

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