Lush Christmas: Miracle on Fargate

The beginning of October brings one of my favourite times of year, the launch of the Lush Christmas products. All the glitter and the smell of marshmallows is something that I always look forward to but I try to wait until my birthday before I allow myself the chance to splurge on anything as I know that I will go a littler overboard (this definitely happened this time round as well!) The aptly named Miracle on Fargate allowed me to indulge in some of my favourite products without having to feel guilty that it’s not yet December.

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The event went really well. There were a few stations set up around the store showing different areas of things and allowing us the chance to make our own Ruby Red Slippers, an old Christmas product that has been relaunched this year as there seems to be a few people wanting something red and glittery again within the Christmas range. I enjoyed making the bubble bar as I love finding out how things are made.

ruby red slippers, lush product, lush christmas, mylavendertintedworld, lollalong
Ruby Red Slippers new design

We also got to see quite a few different products being used. But I think my favourite might have been the Golden Wonder bath bomb, mainly for it’s surprise blue colour within.

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Golden Wonder as ying and yang

I did enjoy the selection of Halloween products that they also had to show. It’s a shame that there was only one station for this but it doesn’t look like they have many products devoted to Halloween. I suppose the Christmas products tend to have more buyers. This range tends to have less glitter (which I personally disagree with, glitter is life!) but it does come in the appropriate holiday colours of purples and greens, so I suppose we can let them off!

halloween station, lush products, lush halloween, mylavendertintedworld, lollalong
Halloween Station

Most of the stations were just bath bombs and bars being used to show the colours and the softness of the products that they’ve launched but they did have Princess Corner which was pretty much all the Snow Fairy based products and anything else they sell with glitter in. I was in my element. I love Snow Fairy and there are so many products now that are based on that individual scent, and I may have bought a box of products based entirely on this with not a single regret.

princess corner, lush products, lush christmas, mylavendertintedworld, lollalong
So many glittery things!!

I always enjoy the Lush events as the staff are always really friendly and happy to help with any general queries that you might have about any of the products in store. Last time I asked about some hair products but luckily for my bank balance I am stocked up on all essential hair and body products!

Hasta la fuego


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  1. These look great! I've not been to Lush for ages… I think I might just have to treat myself though 🙂

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