25 before 25: How it’s fared

Back in 2015 I decided to try a new idea with the 25 before 25 sort of theme.This is where I set myself a list of 25 things I wanted to achieve before my 25th birthday, and with just under a month left until I reach my quarter of a century, I thought it would be a good idea to look and see how much I have actually been able to achieve.

Honestly? I think I may have been a little too optimistic with some of the options, for instance there was no way that I was going to be able to reach 1000 subscribers on youtube. I’ve not posted regularly enough and honestly I don’t even really know what to post on there any more. I keep trying to think of ideas but I have been floundering a little. Sometimes I feel like it would be best to just leave it, but I know I will get the urge to film again in the future. And taking a photo every single day was hard, I think I managed 60 in total before I realised that I don’t do enough different activities that I would want to post on instagram.

Here’s the list from last time, and it hasn’t really changed much…

I think I managed to achieve around 4 or 5 of the things I set myself. It seems that 20 months was definitely not enough time and I was being really ambitious. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things but I’ve just not had the time or the resources to achieve some of them. Talking with a friend a few months ago made me realise that I don’t really need to try and set myself a list of achievements to do before a certain time frame as long as I eventually achieve the things I want.

The reason I initially set myself this target list was because I wanted to be able to blog or vlog about some of the things on here. I thought it would be a good way to do some things I really wanted to do and also to get a few ideas for content. If only life worked out how you wanted it to? As it stands, I’ve pretty much given up on finishing this list but I am going to convert it into a bucket list and hopefully tick off quite a few of these things in the future when I have the time and income for it.

Hasta la fuego

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2 Replies to “25 before 25: How it’s fared”

  1. I like the idea of setting yourself goals but yeah some of them might have been pretty big events like moving out! Everyone around me seems to be getting their own place, getting engaged and married but I just don't feel ready for any of that yet, so much so that it's actually really freaked me out recently. I'm sure you'll do all of those things one day!

    I tried learning code last week and then it got really complicated and I didn't enjoy it anymore, I know more than I did so it wasn't a waste I suppose 🙂 Ami x

  2. I think goals for life may be more approachable than trying to rush everything! I know what you mean, so many of my friends are married, have kids and I'm still at home. It's a little overwhelming thinking about it sometimes.

    At least you know more than before! I'd like to just know enough to sort any issues out with my blog when I decided to take it off blogger! Lauren 🙂 x

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