Visiting Bolsover Castle

Sitting here on this dismal, cold Sunday in January I’ve been trying to think of what I should put on my blog. I wanted something sunny and warm to take my mind off the cold winter blues that I’ve been feeling. That’s when I remembered about my trips around South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire over the summer. I didn’t type them all up, which is something I am often guilty of, and I decided that reminiscing about where I’ve been and looking forward to more random excursions out this year would take my mind off the cold.

Bolsover castle was one of the first places I went to last year and it was the perfect place to go and visit. It took around 30 minutes to get to from where I live, and even though it’s only a small place we were there for a good few hours.

I love going around and exploring old buildings and castles as I love the history behind them. To be able to find out why something was put there and about the people who commissioned the building is one of my guilty pleasures. Can it be classed as a guilty pleasure though? I tell enough people that I enjoy doing this.

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Bolsover castle is nestled on a peak overlooking the Vale of Scarsdale, a beautiful country view in northern Derbyshire. The current castle itself was constructed some time in the 1600s on the site of an old medieval fortress that was original built in the 1000s. The Little Castle, as it’s often referred to, was built so the aristocratic family in this region had a place they could go to in order to relax and escape from their main seat at Welbeck.

The little castle is home to many paintings, portraits and sculptured facades, I’ve not taken too many photos of them as I believe in things being worn out by photos and being looked at too often. I know there’s some sort of scientific reason for this but not a clue what it’s actually called.

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Coat of arms above the fireplace

The grounds are beautiful, and as the sun was shining you could appreciate the true beauty of the place. I longed to go and lay in the grass with a good book and just read. But somehow I didn’t think that would make me any friends with the English Heritage people.

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I think my favourite bit was being able to have a wander through the ruined hall in between the stale hall and the little castle. I don’t know what it is about ruins that seems so magical to me but it definitely does. I feel like I’ve been transported back to another world.

This is definitely somewhere I’d recommend everyone going to see at least once, but I would wait until the weather picks up again as I can imagine it being really cold in the winter months.

Hasta la fuego


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