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I’ve wanted to do some sort of blog of the month feature on here for a while. There are so many people out there absolutely killing the blogging scene and I wanted to help them. I know I can’t physically help them, but I feel like a little bit of support goes a long way! I try to support in any way I can usually, retweeting a few links and trying to comment when I remember. But I thought this would give me a bit of extra control with what I can do. Plus, it means I can do some cheeky shout outs without feeling like I’m breaking from my blog too much!

Every month a new blog will have it’s place of honour on my sidebar. And yes, it is a place of honour. It even has it’s own title area! The bloggers can nominate themselves or I will go and have a search for one I’m liking. The blogger will be able to choose which picture they want displayed and it will stay up for the entire month. I’ll also be doing a little bit of an introduction to each blog with a couple of links to their posts. I want to stress that this will also be a free feature. I have nothing against people offering ad spaces on their blog, but I don’t see it as something for me. I’ll also try to remember to do a cheeky follow Friday at least once on Twitter as well. This is a big thing, as I’m quite forgetful….

If anyone has been eagle-eyed enough they will have already notice that this is somewhat in place already. But don’t worry, Dainty Alice’s dedicated post will be up in the next week! The idea was to introduce the series first before doing anything else. I promise it won’t take too long to get up Alice!

If anyone would like to be considered for this, send me a tweet to @lollalong or email me on I’ll respond to everyone who gets in touch! I will be organising a list on a first come basis. But you have the chance to choose a later month for any reason at all. You could fit it in line with your own schedule, the possibilities are endless!


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