Super Low Cal Stir Fry FT Now Slim

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Around a month or so ago I was challenged by Now Slim to make a super low cal stir fry using their 6 calorie noodles. Always one for a challenge I quickly accepted! I haven’t made a stir fry in such a long time, and I wasn’t really sure what to include with it. Thinking about the best low cal options, I opted to go full vegetarian with it! Not something I ever thought I’d say about a meal I’d make. Although it does make a nice change.

I chose vegetables that I know go well together in a stir fry anyway. Honestly, this is similar to my usual recipe but I missed out the chicken that I normally chuck in as well, also making it vegetarian friendly. I can also be versatile in my cooking when I want! Broccoli is one of my favourite veggies so it was clear from the start that I would be including this, and baby corn always looks and tastes so nice in a stir fry. I also used the standard onion and pepper, opting for red and yellow respectively. I love red onions, they aren’t as sweet as white ones but have more flavour than your usual brown. Yellow peppers again, have a good flavour and I think mix really well with the others I chose.

I had a dilemma when choosing the sauce for this dish. In order to make it as low cal as possible I could have gone with Soy. But I’m not really a big fan of it. So I opted for the slightly spicier and higher calorie sweet chili. I think this is definitely my go to flavour for a stir fry. It just blends all of the flavours so nicely.

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Draining the noodles

The process of making this dish was pretty straight forward. The first step was to take the Now Slim noodles and empty them from their package. They’re in a weird sort of preserving liquid so they also need rinsing an letting the water drain out. I think this may have been the longest part of the process. Whilst I waited for this to happen, I prepped my food.

I diced my onions first and threw them into the pan, followed by the pepper which I had sliced into strips. All that needed to be done with the broccoli was cutting the florets off the stalks. I gave the baby corn a quick wash before also adding to the mix. It’s weird how there wasn’t a lot in there but it started to smell so nice so quickly!

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Veg cooking!

Next I added a few dashes of the sweet chili sauce. To me, the flavour of a dish is really important and it needs to be mixed throughout. I can’t think of anything worse than food that is under-flavoured!

Once that had been cooking for a few minutes, I added the noodles. The instructions on the packet say to cook them like normal noodles. But it had been so long since I last cooked noodles I wasn’t sure how long this should be! Overall, I think I cooked them for about 10 minutes. After that the meal was ready to dish up and serve!

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The total calorie content of the meal was around 68 per person! Honestly more than a little impressed with how low I managed to get it. It is not everyday that I make a meal with so few calories but so much nutrition.

As a side note I would mention the noodles may need a little more cooking. They were a little too crunchy for my liking, but I am not sure what the best cooking time is.

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Dished up!

I had so much fun making this as I’d not made a stir fry in such a long time and they are always so quick and simple to do! I mean who doesn’t want a quick meal idea? But maybe next time I will add chicken in as well. It can’t be too healthy to underfeed yourself too often! Or it might make you snack more often! This is not a road I need to go any further down!

Hasta la fuego

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*Disclaimer: Now Slim kindly sent me their noodles for free. However, the opinions expressed are my own. 

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