August Fitness Recap

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In August I decided to change up my lifestyle and try and improve my health and fitness. I thought it would be a good idea to keep a generic sort of track of it each month and update you all on my progress. My August fitness recap isn’t as exciting as it sounds but personally I think it’s a good start and I feel more positive for the future! (Despite just having made a pizza for tea… woops!)

I don’t want to share the numbers that I am but I am more than willing to share what I’ve lost! So far I’ve managed to lose 3lbs and 3.5 inches. I know it’s not a huge amount, but it is the progress I’ve been wanting to see. So far all I’ve managed as any sort of change is reducing my sugar intake. I have done a lot to reduce this by checking how much sugar is in everything! Literally everything, my food shopping is taking a little longer now. I found that the worst culprits are diet bars. They may have reduced fat but the sugar content is really high. As I always feel hungry at work, I’ve started snacking on rice cakes. Salt and vinegar flavoured rice cakes, there is practically no sugar in them! And they don’t taste that bad, which is always a plus.

august fitness, fitness recap, august recap, healthy selves, healthy living, sheffield bloggers, mylavendertintedworld
This is what I want to get back down to, and then maybe more!

My next move was to introduce more green tea into my diet. I know it seems to be one of this over-hyped things but my sister has been drinking one or two cups a day and has seen a difference. I mean there’s no harm in trying something is there? Honestly, I’ve not had one cup a day. I keep forgetting and just drink water a lot anyway. However, the days I have had it have also made me ravenous! I mean I literally feel like I could eat everything! But I haven’t so that’s plus one to Lauren. I don’t know if the green tea has helped much, but it is nice to have something a little different to try. I’ve been drinking the PG Tips Lemon Pie and Tetley’s Berry Burst green teas. I can’t stomach normal green tea and it’s not as if I’ve tried!

Another thing I have tried to improve my overall fitness this month is some at home pilates style work outs. It is definitely nothing exciting! But I have started doing a few planks every other day and I’ve been trying to do squats every day. It’s a slow start I’ll admit but at least it’s something. I have definitely kick-started my August fitness and my overall fitness this month. What I’m most impressed with is that I can now hold my plank for longer than when I started! Again small improvements but I am now more motivated to continue and to try to improve even further. I have also been able to persuade Todd to go on more walks at the weekend, I’m hoping that walking up and down cliffs will help me somehow! But maybe I should start running again as well, just in case.

I know I said I wanted to start swimming and it is still something I want to do. But I’ve not been able to manage it this month. Swimming is something that I used to really enjoy when I was younger and I know it’s really good for improving fitness. But it’s trying to find the time to go! I really want to make a conscious effort to head off to the swimming baths, but I need to give myself a kick. Fingers crossed I will be able to make myself go at some point in September.

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Need to say no to this sort of food more often!

Hopefully through September I will be able to add a bit more exercise to my routine and improve upon my August fitness routine.

Hasta la fuego

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7 Replies to “August Fitness Recap”

  1. Great to hear that your progress is going so well! I found swimming to be really good as it didn’t feel like exercise but, as you say, can be tricky to find the time. Great post, congrats on your progress so far 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I really love swimming because it doesn’t seem like I’m putting in as much effort as I do with running, but I still haven’t managed to find the time yet so I’m hoping I will be able to soon!

      Lauren 🙂 x

  2. Well done on your progress so far honey! Best of luck for this month ❤️ Jessica KG xx

    1. Thank you! Not sure it’s going well so far but I am trying to get more varied home exercises incorporated now!

      Lauren 🙂 x

  3. Well done on your progress, I really have to get back into a fitness regime of some sort! I am very active at least!
    I’d love it if you visited my latest post and helped me choose a handbag:


    1. At least you are active! I completely stopped being active from around Spring this year so trying to force myself to get back into it is proving more difficult than I thought it would!

      Lauren 🙂 x

  4. Congratulations on your progress so far, sounds like you’re doing really well, hopefully next month you’ll find some more time to do swimming as well! Wishing you the best of luck!
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

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