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September’s blog of the month is by the lovely Valerie owner of “Crashed Like Lightning”. A mixture of lifestyle, beauty, and film; you will find you will never be short of something to read here. I think one of my favourite things with this blog is that it has such a wide range of topics. Honestly, it something that I really enjoy popping onto and I definitely think that more people should be reading as well! Val is trying to find her own in the blogging world and I think she’s managed it with her mix of areas. You can check out her blog yourself here.

I like that I read a wide variety of blogs, and Crashed Like Lightning is a great place to get my fix from a few different subjects. Valerie doesn’t only write about what interests her but also includes her own original writing. I think it is this little extra that I love the most. I know that a blog is all original writing anyway but fictional, original writing doesn’t always make an appearance in the blogging world. This is something we should definitely see more of! I think one of my favourite pieces by Val is this one called Luca and Jade. It’s only a short piece but the writing is stunning, and I kinda want to know a little more of that universe! However, it’s not only the original writing that I think you should check out on this blog!

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Valerie has managed to encapsulate her love of TV and film into this blog and also shows little glimpses throughout other topics. Who wouldn’t want to read a review on Harry Potter themed make up brushes? It’s also possible to find posts on book and beauty reviews. A nice little segment that offers something more people expect from a blog these days! These posts, too, show the passion that Val has for the posts she puts into her blog.

To me, it seems like this is really a project of the heart. She hasn’t restricted herself into a box. I think this is why she has been able to write Adjustment Period. It accurately reflects the way that so many people think, and yet it is succinct and to the point. I know that I resonated with the topic, and  don’t think I’m doing that great at living in my 20s. Sometimes, I find it’s nice to see that other people feel the same way. Even if it shows that a lot of us don’t always feel that together with our lives. Thanks Val for making me feel like everyone else! 🙂

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If you want to find out more about this wonderful person, head over to her blog. There are more than enough links for you to chose and also more than enough posts to read!

Hasta la fuego

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  1. theessenceofred says: Reply

    It’s so nice to see other bloggers supporting each other and recognising each others, strengths and abilities. I’m going to head over to Vals blog on your recommendation and check out the adjustment period.
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

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